This is what the black spots on the body of swimmers of the Italian national team are. Scientific studies: “They are useless”

The black circles that have appeared on the bodies of some have aroused more than a curiosity athletes of the Italian national team competing in the world championships in Budapest. He also exhibited them Gregorio Paltrinieri which, even in its polka dot version, he managed to conquer gold in the 1,500 freestyle updating the European record. What is it about? These are the signs that remain temporarily after a session of cuppinga practice of “alternative medicines” which would also have the purpose of activating “Cosmic forces” for the benefit of the beneficiaries of the treatment. No reliable scientific studies have proven that cupping has any real effect therapeutic. In other words, for the purposes of competitive performance it would be worth how much to keep a horseshoe in the pocket of the bathrobe. Scientists indeed warn, some studies cite the possibility of side effects for a practice that if done incorrectly can even be harmful causing burns, bruises and skin infections.

The treatment takes place by applying it to the skin for a few minutes glass cups heated with a flame creating the effect of a sucker. According to those who practice it in this way, circulation and energy would be reactivated and pain would be alleviated. The cups can then be moved to create a kind of massage. According to the most visionary interpreters of the practice, they would also have the function of intercepting latent cosmic energies. Sure, the practice boasts from its fervent supporters and supporters, experts from the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston, Lady Gaga o Victoria Beckham e the first references to its use would even be found in documents of ancient Egypt. Since then, luckily for all of us, medicine has taken a few steps forward, cupping has remained the same. But swimmers like it. The US multi-medal winner used it Michael Phelps during the 2016 Olympics. Parthian is also used by athletes from other sports.

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