This is what future skins will look like!

In the last update of Nintendo Switch Sports Among other things, new properties were built into the sports of soccer and volleyball. However, 13 hidden collections of clothing items were also discovered in the data, which can be unlocked in the future.

What is the main reason for the update?

The actual reason for the update, with the 1.2.0 patch, is to implement the leg strap functions and new volleyball moves in the previous game. It is now finally possible to play football games with kicks from 1 vs 1 to 4 vs 4 players. There are now two new moves for volleyball players. Online players can now create a new S group up to the ∞ group.

What else is in the current update?

In addition to the new properties of the two sports, 13 new collections have also been discovered, which can only be unlocked at a later point in time. The collections contain clothes, hairstyles, titles and emotions for you. New collections are released weekly. However, these can only be unlocked in a short period of a few weeks. This should motivate the players to literally stay “on the ball” and regularly Nintendo Switch Sports to play.

What will the upcoming collections look like?

Attention spoilers! Please only follow the link below to Reddit if you don’t want to spoil the surprise. However, you will be convinced how changeable the new figures are compared to the classic ones A table are.

All new collections 😻 from NintendoSwitchSports

How many collections will there be?

In total, the number of collections increases to 27! The game can contain a maximum of 29 collections in the current state. However, the number at any time from Nintendo be increased at will with another update.

By the way, the next big update will include the missing sport: the beloved golf. We are already looking forward to many fun golf games in the living room in the autumn.

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