This is what eFootball 2022 looks like in its current version compared to the original release

eFootball 2022 It is a video game that did not start off on the right foot at all, although over the months Konami and Digital Entertainment, the studio behind its development, have tried to improve its image with the premiere of the second season and the release of the version for mobile devices with iOS and Android operating systems, in addition to the release of numerous patches for solve its endless list of bugs and failures of all kinds. With the intention of showing the changes that the title has undergone since it went on sale in September of last year to the present, ElAnalistaDeBits has made a new comparison:

It is true that the video game still has a lot of room for improvement in several of its aspects, although of course the improvements are more than evident at a glance. If we take a look at the environments, it can be seen that the models of the audience in the stands have in the current version a higher level of detail and smoother and less robotic animations. The faces of the soccer players too have been slightly corrected to look a bit more like their real-life namesakeswhile his animations are also now more natural than in the original version.

Substantial improvements in physics and hitbox

The current version of eFootball 2022 It also has new shadow and lighting effects, although without a doubt its most welcome corrections have to do with the physics system and collision boxes, two fundamental aspects that directly affect the gaming experience. As we have highlighted before, there is still a lot of work to be done, although the substantial improvement that can be seen in the current version with respect to the original shows that Konami is indeed taking the criticism of the players very seriously.

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