This is the series of tension and suspense that brings together Michelle Jenner and Paco Tous from 'Los hombres de Paco' on Disney+

This is the series of tension and suspense that brings together Michelle Jenner and Paco Tous from 'Los hombres de Paco' on Disney+

    Although they have already done it in the occasional series and movie, every time they Michelle Jenner and Paco Tous work together again, we are invaded by a feeling of nostalgia that teleports us to 2005, when ‘Paco’s men’, one of the best Spanish series in history (or, at least, one of the most remembered) began to liven up our nights on Antena 3.

    In case you were born yesterday, we remember that ‘Los hombres de Paco’ was (is, and always will be in our hearts and in DTT reruns) a police comedy starring Paco Tous (Paco), Pepón Nieto (Mariano) and Hugo Silva (Lucas), agents of the law who tried to solve crimes a bit like ‘Mortadelo and Filemón’. That is to say, clumsily although, sometimes, and by sheer luck, tremendously effective, to the ordeal of Commissioner Don Lorenzo (Juan Diego). Michelle Jenner played Sarita, Paco’s underage teenage daughter, who was in and out of a romantic relationship with… Lucas, Paco’s partner (Well, and then with Mario Casas). They were different times.

    paco all in

    antenna 3

    After the fiasco caused by the special 20th anniversary of ‘Los Serrano’, which has not been a reunion nor has it been and of the náat least we have a chance to bring together two of the most missed faces on television from two decades ago, although on this occasion Michelle and Paco will be on the other side of barsand the tone will not be far from comical.

    ‘You would do it too’, the addictive Disney+ tension series (no spoilers)

    What the Disney+ series proposes ‘You Would Too’ Is A Full-blown Agatha Christie Mystery: There are 3 dead, 6 witnesses and 2 fugitives after a robbery attempt on a bus. The dead are the robbers, the witnesses claim not to have seen the face of the murderer and the fugitives are missing and their identity is unknown. The police duo formed by Rebeca Quirós (Ana Polvorosa) and Fran Garza (Paul Miller), ex-loving couple, will try to squeeze the witnesses to try to find out what really happened on that bus.

    you would too paco tous


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    Paco Tous is Manuel, the bus driver, while Michelle Jenner is Elisa, another of the witnesses, a young woman with a history of attacking the authority who falls to regulate the police. The other four witnesses are interpreted by Elena Irureta, Viti Suárez, Pilar Bergés and Xavi Sáez.

    ‘You Would Too’ is a roller coaster of script twists, suspect changes, unexpected clues and shocking revelations.. 8 half-hour chapters in which nothing is left over or missing, and there is not even time to breathe in one of the best suspense and intrigue series on Disney+.

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    But above all, the general idea of ​​the series revolves around a moral dilemma. If you kill a murderer, does that make you a murderer…or a hero? Is it necessary to pursue and capture the murderer of the robbers, or is he someone who has delivered divine justice on behalf of those who dare not? ‘You would too’?


    Nothing is what it seems, no one is who they say they are, and everything you think you know changes with each episode.. So take advantage of this week and try the first chapter. You won’t be able to stop.

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