Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, Vice Chancellor Werner Kogler, Chamber of Commerce President Harald Mahrer and ÖGB boss Wolfgang Katzian presented the new short-time working model on Wednesday. The previous one expires in mid-September. The new model is to be used as a measure against the corona crisis for six months from October 1:

In the future, the minimum working hours will be increased from 10 to 30 percent. The maximum short-time working is reduced from 90 to 80 percent.

  • The net replacement rate for employees remains at 80 to 90 percent even in short-time work.

  • This is to prevent rising unemployment in autumn. 432,000 people are currently unemployed and 474,600 are on short-time work.

  • The controls are to be “tightened” from October. Briefly emphasized that the model was “now more accurate” to “prevent abuse”.

  • In addition, there is a “retention period” of one month after the short-time work expires. In addition, the “training of apprentices” must be guaranteed.

Corona Labor Foundation for 100,000 people

A new Corona work foundation is to provide training and further education for up to 100,000 people.