Now pick-ups are getting hip and trendy! For real? Every time a new SUV with a flatbed starts, the pick-up boom is proclaimed. In Asia, South America and Australia they are real mass models, but in Europe they are still lagging behind. As a lifestyle mobile, they have not really caught on either. After all, they are the first choice for craftsmen, foresters and off-road freaks.

In the dirty dozen of European pick-ups, Ford’s Ranger is leading the way with an impressive 40 percent market share – and will be completely new in mid-2022. It is getting bigger, even if it still looks small next to the F-150, which has been sold millions of times in the USA: Europe’s pick-ups are one of the so-called monotonous vehicles – meaning: a good ton of payload and space on the flatbed for at least one euro pallet.

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