This is the new function of PowerToys that you will not be able to stop using

This is the new function of PowerToys that you will not be able to stop using

Windows includes a large number of functions with which we can do anything that comes to mind if our needs are basic. But, if we use our computer beyond the usual, we are forced to resort to third-party applications to add new functions, PowerToys being the best option.

PowerToys is an application that adds a large number of functions to Windows that are not available natively, an application created and maintained by Microsoft, so it is especially striking that it does not integrate all these functions natively.

PowerToys Clip and Lock feature

This application is regularly updated to improve the available functions and add new ones, being the function crop and lock the last one that has arrived with the last update that has the number 0.73. This function allows us to cut an open application into a smaller window or create a thumbnail, as we can read in the description, a description that leaves more doubts than anything else.

This function allows us to crop an application to eliminate everything that is left over and we do not want it to be displayed, it is not a new method to change the size of the window in which it is displayed (for that, no third-party application is necessary since we can do it natively).


With an example we will make it clearer. If we have Word open in the foreground and we only want to show the area of ​​the text where we are writing, we can use the PowerToys Crop and Lock function to select that area and the rest, the user interface, get out of sight. We can also use this same function to eliminate the browser interface and only show the content of the web page we are visiting.

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This function is compatible with each and every one of the applications that we have installed on our PC, so we won’t have any limitations when it comes to using it whenever and however we want.

Other news

As usual, this update, in addition to introducing this new function, also includes new support for the Keyboard Manager, now being compatible with the numeric keyboard. Feature enhancements have also been added. FancyZonesa fantastic function that allows us to manage the windows as we want.

The functions PowerRename to rename files in bulk and Image resizing they have added new counter functionality and more modern user experience respectively.

If we already have the application installed, all we have to do is update it. If not, we can download the latest available version, number 0.73 through the GitHub page of this project and which we can access through this link.

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