This is the love story of Cuti Romero and his wife

Cristian “Holiday” RomeroHe is 24 years old and has already achieved several achievements both personally and in sports. The world champion with the Argentine National Team has been in a relationship for 5 years with Karen Cavaller, has been married since August 2020 and has a son, Valentino, who has just turned his first birthday.

Cuti Romero: this is how his relationship with Karen Cavaller began

“The most important thing in my life is you. My strength. How much I love you, ”she wrote just a few days agoCuti Romeroon his Instagram account, in a publication in which he can be seen along withKaren Cavallerhis wife, and Valentino, the couple’s first and so far only child.

Cuti Romero with his wife and little son. Photo: Instagram @ cutiromero2

Thelove storybetween the defender of the Argentine National Team and his wife began at the beginning of 2018, when the soccer player was still playing in his native Córdoba defending the Belgrano shirt. From then on, everything happened quickly for both of them. In the middle of that year the defender was acquired by Genoa of Italy and traveled to the Old Continent. His girlfriend accompanied him and the love between them grew, so much so that, in the middle of 2020, in the middle of the pandemic, they decided to get married.

After spending a year at Atalanta, the couple emigrated to England and settled in London, the home city of Tottenham Hotspur, the current team of Romero.

Cuti Romero, his wife and the arrival of Valentino, his son

Towards the end of June 2021, almost around the same date that Dibu Martínez was a father for the second time (of Ava, the daughter who at first “could not do upa”), theCuti Romerohe received one of the most beautiful news of his life: he was going to be a father. “I can’t wait for you to arrive,” the defender then wrote on his Instagram. Already with the Copa América under his arm, time passed for Romero and their son was born on December 23.

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Valentino’s first birthday could not have been given in a better circumstance, as it was celebrated just a few days after his father won the World Cup in Qatar. As if that were not enough, the joys continue for the couple, since they have just celebrated a new anniversary and they communicated it through social networks. “Happy anniversary, my life. I am lucky to have the woman I have. Thanks for everything. I love you for life, ”he wrote on Holiday.



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