this is the exercise that helps improve it, according to Harvard

Many times people forget things due to lack of attention and they usually joke about the subject assuring that it is because they are already “old”, but when it comes to truth this has nothing to do with that, because memory can be exercised and so on. not forget important things, preventing diseases such as Alzheimer’s that directly affect the brain.

This was announced by Harvard University from the magazine Harvard Health in which they stated that “that exercise is necessary to preserve muscle strength, keep the heart strong, maintain a healthy body weight and avoid chronic diseases such as diabetes.

Likewise, It can help improve thinking skills. “There is a lot of science behind this”according to Dr. Scott McGinnis, a professor of neurology at Harvard Medical School.

Exercise increases memory, in addition, it acts directly on the body because it stimulates physiological changes such as reduction of insulin resistance and inflammation, in addition, it promotes the “production of growth factorschemicals that affect the growth of new blood vessels in the brain and even the abundance, survival, and overall health of new brain cells.”

“Even more exciting is the finding that participating in a moderate-intensity regular exercise program for six months to a year is associated with an increase in the volume of selected brain regions,” said Dr. McGinnis.

Similarly, they report that exercising the body is quite beneficial for people who have trouble falling asleep, since “it improves mood and sleep by reducing stress and anxiety. Problems in these areas often cause or contribute to cognitive decline.”

The doctor stated that “it is likely that other forms of aerobic exercise that get the heart pumping could produce similar benefits.”

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on the other side is tai chi, a martial art that involves slow, focused movements, and requires learning and memorizing new skills and movement patterns. Therefore, it is also highly recommended to exercise memory, as revealed by a study published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society.

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The scientific publication revealed that tai chi “showed the potential to improve cognitive function in older adults, especially in the field of executive function, which manages cognitive processes such as planning, working memory, attention, problem solving , and verbal reasoning.

Thus, Dr. McGinnis recommends “make exercise a habit, almost like taking a prescription drug.” This, because several studies have shown that “it takes about six months to start reaping the cognitive benefits of exercise, reminds you to be patient while you seek early results, and then continue exercising for life.”

Therefore, in order to enjoy good health not only physically, but also mentally and to have a prodigious memory, it is clear that exercising the body will show wonderful results in daily life and even more so in future life. Since all kinds of events that have been experienced throughout life can be remembered, not only at the beginning or at the end.



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