This is the dry fruit that most protects the health of young people

This is the dry fruit that most protects the health of young people

Peanut polyphenols improve vascular health in healthy people.

  • Peanuts and Vascular Health
  • Peanut polyphenols protect arteries
  • An ideal snack at exam time

Los peanuts o to peanut butter not only help gain muscle mass, which is why its consumption has increased among people who do sports, especially young men. A study from University of Barcelona has shown that eating peanuts can have a positive impact on the vascular health of healthy young people, which means that they would be more protected against the development of diseases that affect the arteries and, therefore, from suffering heart attacks or strokes.

Although peanuts belong to the legume family, their nutritional composition makes them more similar to tree nuts. Your content in fatty acids, proteins, fiber y polyphenols makes them a healthy snack accessible to everyone.

Peanuts and Vascular Health

The study from the University of Barcelona has analyzed the cases of 63 healthy young people between 18 and 33 years of age who included a daily serving of peanut products for a period of six months.

In healthy populations it is more difficult to find an improvement when certain foods are introduced than in people with altered values, for example, glucose, cholesterol or blood pressure, since the benefit can be seen immediately. Still, researchers led by Professor Rosa M. Lamuela observed that study participants who had eaten peanuts had improved vascular markers related to effects antithrombotics y vasodilatorestherefore, their arteries were healthier or more protected.

Peanut polyphenols protect arteries

The reason why peanuts protect the arteries lies in their polyphenol content.

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Polyphenols are molecules antioxidants that plants produce to defend themselves from external agents. A diet rich in fruits, vegetables and nuts ensures an adequate supply of polyphenols that have a very positive effect on health because its antioxidant action prevents cell damage and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect of polyphenols, as well as their antithrombotic effect, which has also been demonstrated, especially protects the arteries from arteriosclerosis, the most common heart disease.

In reality, arteriosclerosis is part of the process of aging arteries and it can start in youth. Over the years, lipids accumulate in the arteries, making them narrow and inflamed.

A diet rich in vegetables and in healthy fats such as those provided by olive oil or nuts contribute to good arterial health.

An ideal snack at exam time

Peanuts not only protect vascular health from an early age. A I study the CIBEROBN published in the magazine Clinical Nutrition reveals that the daily intake of products derived from this fruit improves cognitive performance and the response to stress in a young and healthy population.

Los short and long chain fatty acidspolyphenols such as resveratrol and other bioactive substances such as acid p‐cumárico that abound in peanuts are metabolized by the microbiota and can modulate brain biochemistry, reducing stress and improving performance.

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