This is Santa Evita, the fantastic story of a myth and a corpse

A Tomas Eloy Martinez the author of the novel Saint Avoidamused him that some historians discussed some facts of his work when in various interviews he repeated ad nauseam that it was a fiction. Based on a detailed investigation that he had carried out on the controversial fate of Eva Perón’s body, Martínez chose write a novel with gothic edges, even fantasticbut a fiction.

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The long-awaited miniseries that has just premiered in style in Star+ announced from the start which is based on the novel but naturally he brings his own look and spans seven episodes which actually could have been four or five.

Natalia Oreiro and Darío Grandinetti in “Santa Evita”. (Photo: Star+)

The story travels through time and jumps from the present (1971) to various moments in the past, a resource that all fictions seem condemned to use lately. Part of Evita’s last days, already dying, and go back: the girl whom her father did not recognize, the young woman who drowned in her town, her beginnings as an actress, the encounter with Perón, etc.

The realization of Alejandro Maci -based on a script by Marcela Guerty and Pamela Rementería- has some successful moments and very good photographyespecially in period reconstruction, but the story itself is somewhat forced with the ideological accent.

Ernesto Alterio, in the miniseries "Saint Avoid".  (Photo: Star+)
Ernesto Alterio, in the miniseries “Santa Evita”. (Photo: Star +)

Natalia Oreiroan important beauty and excellent actress, dazzles in some scenes, but she is seen stiff in her political speechfor example when dealing with gender issues, as in the campaign for women’s votes.

Darío Grandinetti as Juan Domingo Peron It’s a striking decision. In the effort to achieve a physical resemblance, the man he barely moves and never smiles. Ernest Alterio like the dark colonel Koening by Carlos de Moorobsessed with the corpse, he seems to be making a political statement with every gesture. It is more likely Diego Velazquez as Mariano Vazquez, the journalist who reluctantly agrees and then falls in love with his investigation. Impeccable performance of the Spanish actor Francisco Orella As the Dr. Pedro Arathe specialist in the conservation of corpses hired by Perón.

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However, despite the narrative ups and downs and the ideological infiltration so marked, Saint Avoid produces an inevitable emotion before the documentary images of the time, where the real Evita and the town at her feet are seen. Saint Avoid It is one more of the many versions of this story, a story “based on real events” with some macabre sides.

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By showing it on a streaming platform, it will be seen by many people who probably did not read the original book. Mario Vargas Llosa said of this novel: “Santa Evita is a ‘master novel’which is at the same time a biography, a socio-political mural, a report, a historical document, a hysterical fantasy, a surreal laughter and a tender and moving radio drama”.



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