This is how this clinic in Orange County will guide undocumented immigrants who will be eligible for MediCal | Videos | Univision 34 Los Angeles KMEX

july: andrea and oswaldo, themedical costaá $1,300,000,000,It will be activated this next Monday.wings of two ribbons 35,000low-income peoplehave educational coveragefrom this May 1 in thestate of California.we come to a cynicalcounty communityorange to document ómo seshe is preparing.50 years old and living incalifornia are the firstrequirements to receiveexpansion and benefits ofmedical.we come to ask how it isthe process.>> one person can onlyearn up to 18,755.July: although there are three days leftfor expansion, visiting thepage that appears on the screen,will allow you to start thesubscription for the program.>> we go yesterday to thesepeople to fill theapplication, but we are going tobe with them step by step,for these people to beapproved.since you are approved, you will havethe best medicine servicesinternal, dental, mental health,psychiatrist, psychology,nutrition.all benefits.July: they are aware thatthere is fear in the communityservices?>> í, we know that there is fear,shame for the peoplethey are immigrants, but wewe invite you not to havefear. we are hereto guide them.july: against peopleeligible, like the grandmother ofdavid.>> this helps us a bit.July: as the grandmother ofhave to wait to startyour expansion requestmedicine. Although the county oforange, call though the18005977977 expansion four14, if you live in another county,visit the website thatappears on screen.aí podinár initiar su tame.Andrea: soon could they receivethe educational services, afterof confirming theperson’s eligibility?July: because the tamiteselectronic, many cynicalduring weekend. theprogram goes into effectSunday, but they are not openthe cynical ones it is expected that thefirst day they open thisexpansion of medical haveabout 25,000 applications thatare sent electronically.could receive the servicesstarting the weekendnext time I deliver it..we want to remind you to usethe qr code, you can put yourcell phone and take you to a placewhere you will have in-depth detailabout resources where you canlean on to get to the sitefrom the internet and fill out your



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