This is how these Chevrolet Corvette have been after the passage of a tornado!

We have already seen on previous occasions how Mother Nature can be the worst enemy to fight and the most recent example we have with the cargo ship that delivered more than a dozen completely frozen cars just a few days ago. This occurred not far off the coast of U.S, a country that, unfortunately, knows what it feels like to fight against atmospheric adversities, especially some tornados that destroy everything in their path.

A very sad picture

Some of the victims of the series of tornadoes that took place earlier this month in North American territory are more than a hundred Chevrolet Corvette C8, ready to be delivered to their owners. Not only them, but also the General Motors factory in Bowling Green, Kentucky, has been affected in addition to the famous Corvette Museum. The destructive force of nature left more than 120 specimens seriously damaged, so that the manufacturer has had no choice but to send them directly to the desguace.

Now, thanks to the svrweather YouTube channel, we can take a look at the enclosure where the Corvettes are parked, a sad image that leaves all these units of the American sports car waiting for their final hour to arrive. The video, recorded with a drone sight, allows us to contemplate from different angles the terrible effects of a tornado that also caused a fire in the aforementioned factory, which destroyed both the roof of the building and one of the entrances for the employees.

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Fortunately, all the workers made it out safely, although we couldn’t say the same about the factory. The last part of the document shows some ongoing repairs for Bowling Green. The automaker appears to have started work on the roofs, with cleanup and repair work expected to continue through 2022.

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Production stopped

Likewise, General Motors has been forced to stop production of the Chevrolet Corvette, as a plant spokesperson assured CorvetteBlogger: “Maintaining a safe work environment for plant employees is our top priority. Therefore, we will cancel production on the first and second shifts the week of December 13, as our trained teams work to bring the tools, equipment, and facility space up to standard. “

A pity that all those hundred cars have a bitter end like this, some machines whose engine Naturally aspirated V8 and 6.2 liters will never roar again. We do not know how long the owners will have to wait under the circumstances to be able to enjoy their new C8 generation copies.

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