This is how the spectacular Spanish dubbing made by some fans of Final Fantasy VII Remake sounds

This is how the spectacular Spanish dubbing made by some fans of Final Fantasy VII Remake sounds

How evening Final Fantasy VII Remake with voices in Spanish? That is what a group of fans of the Square Enix game have asked themselves, who have gotten down to work to answer that question and have created an impressive fan project to dub all the most iconic scenes of this game into our language. installment of the saga Final Fantasy.

Voice Emotions is an unofficial voice-over community that brings together multiple voices to interpret video game scenes and then publish them on their canal de YouTube. This group has announced that from September 7 they will publish a weekly video with all the scenes of the remake of Final Fantasy VII dubbed into Spanish. Today they have published a new trailer which you can see (and gold) below:

This dubbing could be introduced into the game using mods?

In total, for this project (which has been in the making for three years) they have agreed month of 50 voices of dubbing actors and actresses from Spain to interpret Cloud, Tifa, Barret, Sefirot and the rest of the characters in the game. It is a great project that covers the entire main plot (9 hours of footage) and, even so, it will be impossible to transfer to the game as mod because it leaves out certain scenes from secondary missions, extras and environmental sounds, sound effects during combat and more content, as stated by the project managers.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is available on PS4, as well as on PS5 and PC with the version Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade. In Vandal you can read our analysis and consult our game guide.

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