This is how the signings of Ayoze, Roca, Bartra, Riad, Altimira and Bellerín were created

This is how the signings of Ayoze, Roca, Bartra, Riad, Altimira and Bellerín were created


During the interview that he gave tonight to Betis TV in which he has analyzed the transfer market for his team, Ramon Planessports director of the Verdiblanco team, has reviewed name by name several of the incorporations that have joined the team he directs Pellegrini. In some cases, offering interesting details about the negotiations or the reasons why the Technical Secretary I bet on them.

Sport Ayoze, a complicated negotiation

“I want to value Ayoze. He came on loan for six months and he is a player with whom I have had a relationship for many years since when he appeared in Tenerife I wanted to sign him for the club I was with. I always tell him that he is the great unknown in Spain. He has a very high level. What he has done in the Premier League supports him. For a boy from Tenerife to go to the Premier League at the age of 20 and spend 10 years at the highest level is not easy and always playing. He came to Betis and was in a free position. There were many teams in Mexico, Spain, England, Saudi Arabia… And it is logical that the players value everything and it was not easy to tie his continuity, but he also fell in love with Betis since Sometimes we play with that advantage. That magic of the stadium, which the public supports. It cost a lot, I want to value it and its commitment to continue rejecting much higher financial offers. The summer started like this and gave the thermometer that this was going to be rock & roll, it wasn’t going to be a ballad.

Ayoze has a very high level, it was not easy to tie his continuity, but he fell in love with Betis and we played with that advantage

Ramn Planes, sports director of Betis

Sport Marc Roca, another signing that is falling in love

“Everyone has their story, good players always have a lot of claims. Marc Roca had many teams behind him. He is a footballer who played for Bayern Munich, who paid a transfer of 10 or 12 million to Espanyol, then went to Leeds We are talking about a highly contrasted player and when the possibility arose that he could come to Spain we were one of the many teams that wanted him. We were looking in Marc Roca for that defensive balance that Guido can give us, a midfielder strong pitch. The team plays football very well, with the values ​​of Pellegrini and Betis, good handling of the ball, but we thought we needed that player profile. And that’s where we went for Marc, it wasn’t easy, but the boy I was also convinced. I went to Barcelona one day to talk to him to explain what I was going to find. And I say it’s easy because when they’ve been at the club for two or three weeks they recognize you ‘hey Ramón, it’s just as you told us “, and that makes you very happy. One of the keys to the success of Manuel Pellegrini in recent years is that he achieves that leadership in the group so that everyone is committed and there is not one player above another. From the outside, Betis looks like a family, like a team. When I spoke with Isco he told me, ‘from the outside I see you very united’, it’s a team with very good energy”.

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Sport The return of Marc Bartra

“He already said it in his presentation, Marc is a torrent of energy, it’s one thing… He was desperate, he called every day. He left because of a good contract situation. In those countries, as we speak of Arabia, there are You have to understand that they are brutal economic amounts, the difference is very big, but then you go there and you realize everything you have lost. And I think he realized that he wanted to return and he told us so. He said “calm down, we’re going to do it”, but Marc is a guy who will give us a lot. When he saw the possibility with Manuel, he immediately told us that yes, he knew him, he knew the house, the season is very long and he will give us many things”.

Bartra is a torrent of energy, he was desperate, he called us every day, he wanted to return

Ramn Planes, sports director of Betis

Sport Chadi Riyadh, a commitment to the future

“Chadi Riad is the club’s policy, based on a very strong commitment to the youth academy. The fact of the new Ciudad Deportiva indicates it, we are going to have a wonderful Rafael Gordillo Sports City, one of the best in Spain. We have spectacular grassroots football and In these months that I have been at Betis, the work of Miguel Calzado and his people is fantastic. But the fact of betting on young people we also have to look for it in the market, that profile of a young player who has a Betis level, which is not And Chadi, like Sergi Altimira, are two players… Chadi was at Barcelona, ​​captain of Baa B, with offers from various teams, and we believe that both he and Altimira have that level to be players in the future. that could be important. I think it is a year of learning for them, of adding experience in the elite, and within the profile that fits what the sports area is looking for”.

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Sport His total confidence in Sergi Altimira

“Yes, well, there is also a story behind it. Sergi’s father was a professional, he played for Barcelona, ​​in the Second Division for many years, he was a physical trainer… He was a physical trainer for Pep Guardiola and Tito Vilanova in the first team, some Champions He has won. And in my time at Barcelona as sports director he was responsible for grassroots football. And Sergi played for Barcelona, ​​so I knew the boy, the family perfectly, people of a professional, educational level, of sports values They were fantastic, and he came out of Bara, like many who come out of important academies, he went to Sabadell and there he exploded. It’s true that I was very fast in my time at Getafe to sign him very quickly, he was already signed as a free agent for Getafe. I thought a lot in him, he showed it there as a personal commitment to all the links with the boy and the family whom I have known for years, and when he signed at Betis it was clear from minute one that he wanted to incorporate him and that’s how it was.

When I signed for Betis, it was clear from minute one that I wanted to incorporate Altimira, I’ve known him for years

Ramn Planes, sports director of Betis

Sport Bellern, the most ‘simple’ signing

“In the signing of Bellern there is little merit of mine. It is a story very similar to that of Bartra, players who have been here… When a player who has been at Arsenal or Barcelona tells you ‘like Betis, nothing Oh my gosh, what are you going to tell him? And he told me ‘Ramón, I come to Betis to eat the world back’, and that point of ambition, not to come because there is a great family where it is good, because we cannot forget that the demand that this institution represents, this shirt and this shield are enormous and you have to be prepared to face them, and in Hector I saw an illusion like that of a child, he wanted to come back to Betis again.

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