This is how the moonlit night in Hawaii 2022 starts in Eggermühlen

With DJ Robin and his party hit “Layla”, the “Moonlight on Hawaii” in Eggermühlen begins a new era. There are also many innovations apart from this surprise coup, including the “Moon Night for Kids”.

The large marquee on the Böhmann-Wiese offers pure partying and Mallorca sound. On July 16, 2022, Tim Toupet will own the stage there, the hairdresser who has always “had nice hair” and who himself makes a hit out of his “island ban”.

DJ Robin is expected there on July 23, at the Wasen in Cannstatt and at the Bierkönig in Mallorca. His Ballermann hit “Layla” is going through the roof.

The Böhmann family made more than a virtue out of the hardships of the Corona crisis. Where other catering establishments shut down, they kept their staff and bridged them with an out-of-home service. The inn was given a “Hawaii Garden”, a weatherproof beer garden that is now also set to prove itself as a concert venue.

Things are going well at the moment, assure Werner, Jan and – as the youngest in the family team – Max Böhmann. There is plenty to do because many are celebrating their milestone birthdays, marriage anniversaries and family celebrations from the last two years.

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Oldie concert in the Hawaii beer garden

And now they have refreshed the “Mondnacht”, the more than 50-year-old summer festival with live music, which takes place on two weekends in July. Last year there was a version based on the hygiene concept: limited to 1000 visitors, instead of in the open-air marquee, DJs instead of a band.

The “Böhmanner” took with them the realization that disco open air is popular. They tried something new: Whitsunday 2022 there was a “Twilight Dance” for the first time, an open-air festival of DJs, with David Puentez as the star.

Jan Böhmann considers the concept to be expandable. It should now also be part of the moonlit night, in which the DJs have been happily involved for a long time. On July 16, Max, Blinq and the duo DJ5Events own the new area, which only separates the support structure for the spotlights from the open sky. On July 23, Ton Don, Max and Kess will hand over the microphone.

And the Hawaii beer garden in front of the inn offers the contrast program, here the moonlit night returns to its roots.

The playground will be converted into a stage where the dandies will play on July 16th. The band from Münster has already won the title of Beat World Champion and the Rock and Pop Prize twice, and has also performed in Eggermühlen. Peter “Backy” Backhausen, the first drummer from Udo Lindenberg’s panic orchestra, has recently joined the band.

A week later, The Beat is a guest in the oldie area. It is one of the best-known bands of its genre in the Osnabrück region and has also given great oldie concerts in Eggermühlen, also together with the dandies. For the first time in Eggermühlen Jörg Küpper, who replaced the band’s founder Wolfgang Rappold, is there.

The day before, on July 22nd, there will be a moonlit night for children for the first time. “The children suffered the most from the pandemic,” says Werner Böhmann. “This should be a small compensation for it,” says the grandfather of three.

Frank Acker ensures a child-friendly program. His comrades-in-arms appear as “fidgety animals” in brightly colored costumes, with a wide range of music that encourages children to dance and sing, some of their own compositions, some children’s songs, some pop music.

It starts at 5.30 p.m. After the Zappeltier show and the big join-in concert, “DJ Zappeltier” brings the Children’s Moon Night to a close from 8 p.m. He promises “100 songs in 60 minutes”.



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