This is how the different types of existing physical exercise affect our physical condition

There are many theories about the impact of the physical exercise about our health. However, the impact of each type of exercise (including aerobic or anaerobic exercise, for example) on improving the physical condition of each person had not been investigated. This changed relatively recently, thanks to the publication of the largest study on sport, in which more than 2,000 people participated.

The study, conducted by researchers at the Boston University School of Medicine (USA) and published in the journal European Heart Journal, sought to shed more light on the unknown effect of each type of exercise on our health, and they came to several very interesting conclusions.

For example, if you work in an office or any other place where you spend many hours of the day sitting and not moving, there is good news for you: you can compensate for this lack of exercise with increased physical activity in the rest of the hours in which you do not work. Physical exercise can be very varied: from the most intense to something as light as a walk. But in any case, doing some sport can compensate for the 8 hours we spend sitting in a sedentary job.

And delving deeper into the matter of walking, the study concluded that walk On a daily basis, it benefited the physical condition of all people: women, men, the elderly, children, with good health, with poor health… it is something extremely beneficial for everyone. And it is more beneficial for those people who walk in a higher than average way, since they have a better physical condition.

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Normal walk or HIIT session?

But a normal walk is part of light exercise, and this level of sport is very good for older people or those who find it difficult, since it will be very difficult for them to exercise at intense levels.

As a general rule, high-intensity exercise will always be more beneficial than lighter ones. For example, a person practicing a session of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) will get more benefits than a person who walks briskly. However, intense exercise can also be done by walking. The parameters to differentiate one intensity or another are: between 60 and 99 steps, we are talking about light exercise; between 100 and 129 steps per minute, we speak of moderate exercise; and more than 130 steps per minute already becomes intense exercise.

memory effect

Another point they focused on was the memory retained by the muscles. Imagine that 5 years ago you did sports intensely and regularly, but now you no longer exercise at the same level. These people who long ago were athletes usually have a “memory effect” in your body, so it goes without saying that physical fitness is not lost over time.

Therefore, playing sports is always beneficial, although it will be more so the more intense it is. In addition, if we did sports before, the body retains physical fitness.

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