Cameramen, technicians, audience – and in the middle of it, risk patient Stefan Büsser (35). Even today (SRF 1, 8.05 p.m., from the Ballenberg open-air museum near Brienz BE), the Zurich native is again in action at the «Donnschtig-Jass», as a link between the jass table and the spectator. In previous programs, he tackled the upholstery, drugstore, pottery and finally wood carving. «This time I’m in the cheese factory. I think I’ve done quite well for a KV pen so far, »he quips.

The Zurich resident has to be careful twice during Corona because he suffers from cystic fibrosis, a condition that reduces his lung function. As a result, he also has diabetes. “The team left me free to choose whether I want to be there this summer,” explains Büssi. But he enjoys being with people again after the lockdown. Above all, he was delighted that Rainer Maria Salzgeber (50) and his crew often asked him how he was doing during his isolation.