This is how it works under Windows 11: The taskbar shows the day of the week and the seconds.

The taskbar in Windows 11 has been completely redesigned by Microsoft. The old clock function, with which you could quickly display the seconds with a mouse click, has also been deleted.

To make matters worse, individual clock settings for the taskbar clock cannot be found. It is not possible to display the day of the week only. Microsoft appears to be trying to force Windows 11 users to adopt a new minimalist design.

While it was still possible in Windows 10 to “upgrade” the seconds and days of the week in the taskbar clock using a registry hack, this is no longer possible in Windows 11.

Worse still, the clock is completely missing on a second or third screen and cannot be switched on there either.

The developer of ElevenClock refused to accept this and instead offers a simple solution in the form of freeware. The following sections will tell you how to use it in Windows 11 to show the day of the week and seconds on the system tray.

If you prefer the Windows 10 Start menu taskbar, you can restore both to Windows 11 with a few simple steps, including the tile display.

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