This is how it is now with Dyan and Vera from Buying without Looking

Dyan and Vera lived in a tiny apartment in Amsterdam-East, where the walls of the 37 m² apartment were approaching them. It was high time for a grown house. But how can you buy a house in this overheated housing market if you both have full-time jobs and are always behind the times because you always notice the houses too late? Indeed, not. ‘Buying without Looking’ turned out to be their salvation. How are they now?

“In retrospect, I can also say that we would never have succeeded.”

“We searched for more than half a year ourselves, but it really didn’t work out. And in retrospect I can also say that we would never have succeeded in this way either. With all those changes in the market, we would never have intervened. All those viewings that you have to do and sit on top of the market, you can’t do that if you both work more than 40 hours a week. We were always eleven. That’s why I signed up for the program,” Vera tells

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That registration came as a surprise to Dyan. “We had talked about it, but I didn’t realize she had really given up on us. Until she called me. I remember that moment very well. I was on the bike when she said: ‘I just got a call by RTL and they want to speak to you too.'”

Vera: “I thought: we discussed it, I’ll just do it. I never thought they would take us out.” “Correct!” Dyan adds to her. “Actually, we still didn’t believe we were really in the program until we were in Hilversum to sign with Sandra and everything was filmed. That was very unrealistic.”

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Participating in this program was completely in the vein of Dyan and Vera. Friends didn’t think it was strange that they joined the adventure of Buy Without Looking had started. Dyan: “We don’t color within the lines much and give everything in life our own twist. We were very sober in the beginning. If it eventually failed, then we knew how to get that right. And had we been less happy with the house, we would still have made a party of it.”

“We are very positive,” Vera adds. “You call that rethinking!”

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We have seen before that even with the help of a TV program it can take a long time to find a good home. The market is still overheated and overbidding with a few thousand euros is no longer enough. The process was also difficult for Vera and Dyan. Very difficult. “I really made a huge turnaround during the participation of almost two years in total,” says Vera. “In the beginning I was very relaxed about it, but when it later turned out that it was really a difficult task, I turned around. I became more and more nervous and thoughts like ‘what if it doesn’t work out’ and ‘have we done the right thing? ?’ constantly haunted my head.”

Vera was the one who had to pep up Dyan every now and then. And that’s not surprising, especially if you have to make several concessions and have to wait endlessly. Vera: “It didn’t stop at one concession meeting, we even had to make concessions several times.” They had to increase their budget and decrease their wishes if they wanted to have a chance of winning a house.

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Fortunately, there was finally that one gem in their beloved Castricum. But would they have actually chosen this house themselves if the choice was theirs? The answer is short and succinct: no. “We wouldn’t have dared it ourselves with that busy main road,” said Dyan. “And since the backyard is located on the northeast, this house would simply not appear in our search results, because a south-facing garden was always a hard requirement. It was therefore a bit of a shock and switch. We thought: but we didn’t order that But soon we also thought: we’ll just make the best of it.”

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Fortunately, it turns out to be not that bad in practice. “Now that we live there, it turns out that in the summer, when the sun is high, we still have quite a bit of sun in the back left of the garden. We can have a nice dinner there in the sun,” continues Dyan. “All in all, not a disaster, but it still remains the only point that really pisses us off. Fortunately, we also get a lot of other things in return. A charming house, a nice alcove, a balcony, beautiful large windows… the total package is still correct.”

They did, however, change a few minor things. Vera: “There was a mirror in the toilet with a lot of ‘hair’, we called it ‘Mufasa’. It hung half in front of a light switch and was therefore a bit clumsy. That’s why we moved it to the guest room.”

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Castricum is still a perfect match. “Very different people live here than in Amsterdam. Really active and enterprising outdoor people live here in Castricum. There is a cozy and pleasant atmosphere,” says Dyan. “And we are fifteen minutes by bike from the beach, where you can enjoy kitesurfing.”

Yet it also takes some getting used to and they have even won their first fine. “We were used to just park the motorcycles in front of the sidewalk, but apparently that is not allowed here. In addition, we also received a yellow card because we put the trash can on the sidewalk incorrectly. Beginner’s mistake!”

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A for sale sign will not be placed in the garden for the time being, but… “Should we look for a new house in a few years’ time, we will simply stay in Castricum”, says Dyan. If they have five children in five years’ time, they jokingly say, the garden will probably be a determining factor again. But for now they are still good here. “It is the perfect house for the moment. We are very happy!”

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