A few months ago we told that the new Google dark mode was being offered to some users of the search engine in the browser, but that still it was not a function that was available to the majority, so if you were not one of the chosen ones, you would have to continue to settle for how the white background dazzles you at 12 at night.

Now, finally, Google has announced the launch of dark mode for everyone, and we can already try it if we are among the first to receive it. In my case, for example, I have received it in two of the three accounts that I have from Gmail, so in some cases it will be necessary to wait. We are going to tell you the steps to do it and remember how to do it wherever you go.

How to activate Google’s dark mode

If you are one of the lucky ones that you have already received dark mode on your desktop browser, Google may have notified you of this with text and an image when doing a search. However, in my case it has not been like that, I have not received notice, but I am one of the lucky ones for the arrival of the new function.

What has appeared is the text “Dark mode: off“by clicking on the configuration wheel (⚙️) that appears in the upper right when we do a search in Google with the session logged in to our account. That is, when we enter a term and Google shows us results.

Many applications are offering dark mode, the question is how much they really help to save battery and take care of the view at night

If we enter Google.com, the ⚙️ does not appear by default until we do the search. Once we do one, activating it is as easy as activating the text / button “Dark mode: deactivated”, as we see in the following image:

Google Dark Mode

Automatically, the Google theme will change to dark, and we will see something like this if we search for Genbeta:

Dark Genbeta

By default, the dark mode will be activated or deactivated as we choose, but Google will also offers the ability to activate as default on the device. To choose this option, in the drop-down menu of the ⚙️ we will have to click on “Search settings”, and at the bottom of Google.com if we have not done a search yet, on “Settings”.


Once inside, one of the configuration options is “Appearance”. There we can choose between “Light theme”, “Dark theme” or “Device default option”. It must be said that both activating the dark mode in macOS and in Microsoft Edge, the mode assigned to us in this mode is clear, like this that Google may have to keep working on it.

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