This is how I look without a wig: Marta Guzmán shared a photo without hair

Marta Guzmán was honest with her followers and decided to share a photo in which, along with a text, she explained the moment she is currently going through, in her fight against breast cancer.

The driver began her publication with the following lines:

“I had not shared any photos like this, not out of pity but because everything is a process that must be assimilated. I know it’s just hair and although it’s not the most important thing, it’s important”.

In the text he explained that he has been like this for just over two months, because he saw how as a result of the chemotherapies, his hair fell little by little and that affected him because he felt sad, that is why on February 15 he decided to shave.

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She talked about how the doctor who treats her gave her the option of trying to preserve her hair through treatment or start using oncological wigs, which are made of natural hair and made to measure.

In the text he added: “This is how I look without my wig, I’ve gotten used to it and it reminds me that I’m going through a healing process and every symptom, skin sores, bruised nails, white and sensitive tongue, watery eyes, tiredness, hot flashes, dizziness and all the ailments that you can feel, they are passing so that breast cancer never returns again ”.



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