This is how Dani Tolmos recovered his level after two years of ordeal due to injuries: “I’m enjoying a lot”

In the capital of the Principality he is enjoying handball again and a project that he likes and with which he would like to upgrade.

To Tolmos (Tarazona, 1993), who made his debut in the Asobal League with Naturhouse La Rioja, does not lose his rings for playing in Primera Nacional. Despite being only 27 years old, the Oviedo is the sixth team of his career.

The Financial Union was able to catch him after two practically blank seasons at the Los Dólmenes de Antequera Club of the Silver Honor Division, first due to the injury and then, when he was ready to reappear, due to the outbreak of the pandemic.

When I spoke with the representative and he raised it with me, I knew that they had been doing things well for years. It is not a whim of a year, it is a job that is done very well from year to year, with a group from home. I signed and got it right, because I’m really enjoying playing, like I haven’t done for a long time. This is the perfect place to play for many minutes and gain confidence ”, explains the Aragonese player. Coming to Asturias also had another important component, that of studies. “One of the things I signed for was to be able to enroll in Teaching at the University of Oviedo. Both my roommate, Dani Sedano, and I are studying, with online classes, ”explains Tolmos.

Online classes are part of the determinants of the pandemic, which is also hitting sports. Caution leads the front line to play with a mask, and it is not the only one within the Financial Union: “I am asthmatic, but I was using it to get used to it and once I am in the game it is not uncomfortable.” Regarding the working conditions in these circumstances, the Aragonese does not doubt it: “Other clubs of higher categories would like to be in our conditions. There is no problem, the club is striving for us to be as good as possible ”.

On the track, things start to work out. The team, with a squad to aspire to make the leap, stood as the leader of the group just before the Christmas break. “The dynamics is upward, we have been assimilating the work and we have finished the year with the united bloc”, says Tolmos.

Requirement for partners

Ahead of the game against Villa de Luanco on Saturday at 7:00 p.m., the club asks the members to sign up in the web form.

Maxi Cancio, with Uruguay to the World Cup

While the First National gets under way again, the attention of elite handball is on the World Cup that began yesterday in Egypt, a competition in which Raúl Entrerríos’s Spain will debut tomorrow at 6 pm against Brazil (Teledeporte). At the same time, the Germany-Uruguay game is scheduled, in which Maxi Cancio, a player from Unión Financiera Base, will participate as a component of the South American team. “For me, being in a World Cup means fulfilling a dream, that all those training afternoons serve to be a few weeks among the greatest in the world is a tremendous illusion,” explains the Uruguayan player. Czechia and the US, out for covid. The championship has been bumpy even before it started because of the covid. The teams from the Czech Republic and the United States, plagued with positives, have been replaced respectively by Macedonia and Switzerland.


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