This is how Caro & Andreas Robens feel about Lou & Lisha today

Friends despite the “summer home of the stars”

“We told each other everything that would happen in the house”

In an interview with moderator Laura Dahm, Andreas and Caro Robens reveal about Casa Lou and Lisha: “We are really good friends, we spoke to each other right after leaving the house so that there would be no nasty surprises. We said everything that happened in the house will, also in the interview. ” Even the doll has now found a place in the Robens’ living room of the emigrant couple.

“Lou and Caro are two sheep and Lisha and I are the lions”

“They were also at home with us on Mallorca for three weeks. Great people,” enthuses Caro of the Youtubers. And Andreas also strikes euphoric tones: “Lou and Caro are two sheep and Lisha and I are the lions. I can fully understand that Lisha was so quick-tempered.”

Basically, according to the Robens, they enjoyed the time in the summer house: “A great time, it was a quiet, relaxed life,” says Caro. “We even thought about renting the summer house again with several people.” Andreas admits that one could have done without “one or two people”, but in fact they would have been with “five, six couples” – if Corona hadn’t thwarted their plans.

In the video: Voodoo master Lisha makes a “Robens-Doll”

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