This is how Armando Manzanero looked in his youth, when he released his first album

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This is how Armando Manzanero looked in his youth, when he released his first album

Armando Manzanero was considered one of the best composers in the Spanish language in the history of music, with his talent he crossed borders and songs such as “We are novios”, “This afternoon I saw it rain” and “With you I learned reached great popularity internationally, But his legacy is much more extensive, you can count more than 400 song lyrics and many more that he recorded in about 20 albums, because His artistic career began when he was very young.

The artist from Yucatán composed “Never in the World”, his first melody in 1950 and began his professional career as a pianist. In 1965 he became the first place winner of the Miami Song Festival with the song “When I am with you”, which helped his songs to sound on the radio and his fame increased considerably.

Thanks to its success, Manzanero recorded his first album in 1967, It is title My first recording and contained their own songs that conquered the public for their theme and characteristic romanticism.

It was then that Armando Manzanero’s talent captivated not only Mexicans, but foreigners, as the American singer-songwriter Sid Wayne, who composed songs for Elvis Presley, version his song “Somos novios” in English and is currently known as “ It’s impossible ”.

This is how Armando Manzanero looked in his youth, when he was already successful:

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The admiration of the public made Armando Manzanero appear in telenovelas such as I am Betty the Ugly one, I want to love you and movies like Happy heart and Candide by day, Pérez by night, but he also handled the songs for other productions such as Wild heart, Nothing personal, Temptations and The gardener’s daughter.

After the news of the death of Armando Manzanero was released, the family and representatives confirmed that he will not have a funeral due to the health emergency of covid-19, so his remains will be cremated: “There will be no funeral, there will be cremation and there will be no face-to-face act due to the conditions that are currently presented. He did not die of Covid-19, he died from a strike, but it was the teacher’s will not to do any funeral”Said Rosy Pérez, a member of the singer-songwriter’s staff.

According to official reports, Armando Manzanero died of cardiac arrest at 3:20 in the morning of this Monday, December 28, so the social networks were flooded with expressions of affection for the famous, for her part, Alejandra Fraustro, secretary of Culture, indicated that a tribute will be held that will be transmitted through Channel 22, Radio Education, Music Library and With You at a Distance.