In this regard, Kreplak stated that “schools are a place of particular concern. That we have an outbreak in a school with Delta variant is worrying, it is what must be avoided“, he stressed.

“You have to be very careful because in schools no one is vaccinated,” he said in relation to the students. “We are very close to being able to vaccinate minors so we have to take special care of them now”he added.

After noting that “we still have to vaccinate 5 million minors in the province,” he reiterated that “we are cautious” with regard to school attendance. “We are increasing Delta surveillance a lot,” he said.

“This is community circulation and this is an outbreak”He pointed out in relation to the cases detected at the ORT School, of which at least three were confirmed as Delta. “They are probably all Delta,” Kreplak risked in relation to the 43 cases in the aforementioned Buenos Aires educational establishment.

Finally and with regard to the primary elections that will be held on Sunday throughout the country and in Buenos Aires in particular, he stated that “Everything is prepared so that it is not epidemiologically risky to vote”, and reiterated the health care that voters must observe.

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