This is a real gun. Toy-styled weapon caused a scandal in the United States

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Glock toy pistol manufacturers receive a flurry of criticism

The American arms manufacturer Culper Precision is at the center of a scandal – the company has released a modified Glock pistol on the market that looks like it was made from Lego bricks. The pistol was discontinued at the request of Lego itself.

The pistol is called Block19 and looks like a weapon that a child could make while playing construction set. Culper Precision said the design was intended to “highlight the sheer joy of shooting sports.”

“We created Block19 to show everyone who has recently acquired firearms that they are not just for the former and current military and the people prone to empty bravado that we see so often on social media. Guns are for EVERYONE, and we want one from the first to welcome the new owners, no matter what people they are and no matter what political views they have, “added Culper Precision.

“We are tired of the fact that in the last 30-40 years our rights under the Second Amendment to the US Constitution have been taken away from us for fear that people who hate us will start thinking even worse of us,” the arms company said in a statement.

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