This is a miracle goal: a heel between the legs of the goalkeeper! Gracefully and curiously in the semi-finals of the Euro for women – 27.07.2022

Near the denouement at the European Women’s Championship, we saw something outstanding.

In the first semi-final, the hosts, the England team, took out the Swedes, the second in the world ranking – 4:0.

In the first half, Beth Meade scored from a pass by Lucy Bronze, and in the beginning of the second, on the contrary, Bronze closed the serve to Mead from a corner. But we will remember for a long time not this, but the third goal: Alessia Russo struck with his heel from the second chance and hit right between the goalkeeper’s legs!

On the one hand, bravo for the witty decision of the Englishwoman, on the other hand, there should obviously be questions for the goalkeeper. In any case, the highlight is the most powerful!

Goalscorer Alessia Russo is a Manchester United player, but before that she played in the USA for North Carolina College and became one of the best players in the league.

In 2020, Alessia returned to England and signed with Manchester United. There is a beautiful story there: her grandfather came to Britain from Sicily because he was a fan of the Busby Ducks.

At the end of last year, Rousseau set a record for the England team – in 11 minutes she scored a hat-trick against the Latvian national team (match score – 20: 0).

And the injured goalkeeper of the Swedish national team, Hedvig Lindahl, is one of the most experienced players in the tournament. She is 39 years old, she also played at Euro 2005, which, by the way, was also held in England. Over a long career, she became the champion of the women’s version of the Premier League with Chelsea, and the Bundesliga with Wolfsburg, and in recent years she played at the gates of Atlético.

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At Euro 2022, Lindal almost did not concede (two goals in four matches), but she swam in the semi-finals. At the same time, look at the fourth ball of the Englishwomen, it is immediately next in the review. There is also an offensive mistake by the goalkeeper.

The England team, its goalkeeper was just dragging it, is already in the final – judging by the social networks, everyone from Lineker to Rooney is celebrating.

For the title at home – like a year ago men – to play with France or Germany.



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