‘The Big Bang Theory’ ended its broadcast in May 2019. After 12 seasonsThe series has seen numerous guest stars pass by, including the late Stephen Hawking. However, there was a character decisive in the series that helped to strengthen the relationship between Leonard and Penny. In this video We show you everything about this character and the impact he caused in the series.

This hit sitcom was so liked by fans that they still keep releasing fun facts about it as well as certain holes script. Not all the series manage to stay on top to have so many seasons, however it is something that ‘The Big Bang Theory’ has achieved. But all the series have flaws, and more than are found if it is as famous and followed as this. His fans are attentive to every detail and this time, a Reddit user discovered certain things in relation to Howard’s character.

There were also moments of which we were not witnesses. Thanks to the following of the fans, we have also discovered that there was a secret off-camera wedding that no one had been aware of.

Just a few days ago the actress Kaley Cuoco, who plays the character of Penny throughout the series, surprised us with a photo of her funny mask. But not everything has been a smooth journey for the actress. A few months ago she opened up through a video where she brought new news.

With a new installment of his long videos, Cuoco assured his fans that he “is back”. I also take the opportunity to talk about everything that was happening in his professional and work life. In addition, the actress affirmed that she needed to end the great challenge she was dealing with before the crisis of the coronavirus.


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