This house in Bilbao breaks with everything to give shape to a new way of inhabiting the home

This house in Bilbao breaks with everything to give shape to a new way of inhabiting the home

What happens when one decides to take risks and get rid of the heavy ties of “because it has always been done that way”? Well, in almost all cases the result is at least amazing, challenging and, of course, original. And those are undoubtedly the adjectives that best characterize this project in Las Arenas, Vizcaya, by the Basque studio Bear Architects.

The architects Íñigo Berasategui and Ana Arce They have completely turned this house around, located next to the famous Hanging Bridge and open to the mouth of the estuary. They emptied it, broke routes and have shaped a totally new way of living it. “It was a house that needed to free itself and get rid of a distribution that oppressed itdesigned for that home life of serving and being served so far from the hedonistic home and enjoyment of our days”, explains Íñigo Berasategui.


A neatly messy house

The clients of this project are a young couple, who I wanted a house to live it intensely, “work on it, share it, enjoy it”. In addition, they have an important vinyl collection, clothes and other objects to those who wanted to also give it a prominent space.

For this reason, once they had the bare home, the architects structured the spaces from two large bookshelves which, on the one hand, generated a continuous route from the entrance and in multiple directions and, on the other hand, specialized rooms around music and its objects, and not by its position or size. “The open conception of the house, only structured by these large containers, allows us that the rest of the spaces can be lived in and used in different ways”, adds Berasategui.



the color note

The open kitchen is another of the great protagonists. “A translation”, according to the architects, of what it is to cook for the couple: “A chat with friends, a day-to-day celebration”. The area of ​​large household appliances has been integrated into a deep egg yellow space to which the eyes go.

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However, the great protagonist is the polygonal island and Brazilian granitewhich seems to have no limits thanks to the mirror doors that multiply light and angles. An element, our favourite, absolutely original and that favors cooking overlooking the estuary.



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