According to laboratory specialists Tencent Security Xuanwu, there is a weak spot in fast chargers that could allow computer network hackers to burn Android phones and laptops remotely. This flaw called BadPower in fast chargers does not allow hackers to access the personal data of the phone owner according to specialists.

The consequences linked to this failure in the fast chargers are purely material. Let us add that they can also have a bad impact on the health of the user of the smartphone. The conclusion to the study of these specialists was to avoid the use of chargers belonging to another person in order to be safe from the damage that this flaw in fast chargers could cause and to update the most often possible devices. It seems that the majority of fast chargers have this problem. Out of 35 fast chargers examined, 18 have the flaw BadPower, that is, more than half.

Abnormal load power

Indeed, by the fault of this flaw, the hackers of the computer networks can have a hand put on the load of the phone. So therefore, they could send a degree of charging power beyond the normal which could destroy the phone by burning it or at best lead to the failure of the device whether it is a phone or a device. laptop.