this device will tell you in real time how healthy you are

Medicine advances hand in hand with technology and the clear example is Abbott, the global health care company that presented its Lingo device during CES 2022, which will be able to measure in real time the level of glucose, ketones, energy, health in general, and even alcohol levels.

“Monitoring these biomarkers for the first time will offer insight unprecedented human metabolism that can improve decisions around nutrition, general health and athletic performance, ”said Robert Ford, Abbott President and CEO at CES 2022.

In 2014, the company launched the FreeStyle system, which measures glucose in real time and allows patients with diabetes measure your insulin levels through your smartphone, in addition to offering recommendations related to advice and follow-up from your doctor.

The new Lingo device, according to the company, will translate the body’s unique language into actionable data that will allow general health to be tracked and measured, In addition, the manager announced that in the future it will be possible to consume foods made specifically for the microbiota from each person.

“This allows us to live a better life by knowing what your body really needs because it is constantly talking to you and now is the time to listen to it. Technology allows us to live a better life, this is where health and technology come together with incredible power, as some technologies can save lives, “added Ford.

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For his part, Hakim Bouzamondo, Vice President of Global Nutrition Research and Development at Abbott, recalled that it is essential to know the role of the microbiota (the set of bacteria that colonize the skin and the digestive system) in communication with other organs such as the brain.

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“The microbiota allows communication with other organs and is also influenced by our external environment: while I talk to someone, that is a constant communication between your brain, your gut and your immune system. If you interrupt this communication, diseases such as obesity, diabetes can develop, it is important to rely on technology to collect data from the organs ”, concluded Bouzamondo.

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