This cozy and elegant house overlooking Lake Lugano bears the stamp of a Ukrainian designer

Sergey Sozanovsky, who is the owner of one of the largest film studios in Ukraineand your partner Iryna Kostyukwho is a television and film producer, have a very busy life so sometimes they need to recharge their batteries and put family and friends first. This apartment responds to this purpose. Located in the Lake Lugano region, in the charming little town of Campione d’Italia (which has the particularity of being surrounded by Swiss territory), the apartment offers sublime views towards the natural landscape surrounding. the mountains and lake lugano They form the perfect backdrop for the restful interior spaces created by the interior designerYana Molodykh who is a friend of the owners. All three are from Ukraine and have known each other for a long time, so this project was done with a lot of fluidity and confidence.

Once the most important works were finished, Yana Molodykh took over all the decoration of the apartment to ensure that the final result corresponded to the tastes of Sergey and Iryna. The upper floor that extends in 138 square meters It has the living room, a guest bathroom, the master bedroom and the terrace, while the lower floor, which has the same surface area, houses the kitchen/dining room, the daughter’s bedroom (who studies in the region) and a suitefor the guests.

In it loungethe On the Rocks sofa is by Edra, the coffee table is from Bolia and the rug is from Gan Rugs.Vigo Jansson (@vigojansons)

CC-tapis, Baxter and other designer brands

When she discovered the renovated flat, Yana Molodykh immediately realized that the atmosphere needed to be softened and a cozy feeling introduced into all spaces. She achieved this goal thanks to the use of furniture and lighting pieces with round shapes, textures such as cotton, silk and wool, as well as elements such as rugs and cushions. For example, the sofa On the Rocks of Edra invites you to sit comfortably to watch a movie or admire the sunsets. Two Pacha armchairs by Gubi They were placed on a carpet cc-filter and in front of a coffee table of Baxter while the lamp is Ochre. The interior designer also decided to paint the walls with a more sober white tone.

Several personal pieces adorn the apartment, such as the painting on the dressing table that was made by the daughter, the mirror vintage rectangular of the villa where the film was filmed Call Me by Your Name on the terrace, a work by the Ukrainian artist Maria Prymachenko and a vase of Nadia Shapoval which is called “Leleka”, which means stork in Ukraine and evokes the beginning of a new life cycle.

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“Iryna and Sergey wanted to reflect a bit of our culture in their flat. For this reason, we decorate each space with objects made by craftsmen and artists from our country”, highlights Yana Molodykh. The interior designer created a type of nest to reference the family symbol, the waggle. The environment that changes as the seasons of the year go by was the greatest source of inspiration for this cozy and elegant project which at the same time pays homage to the origins of the owners and exalts the beauty of a fascinating landscape.



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