This child has become one of the most famous and most beautiful actresses, known for her boldness in acting and has been subjected to a lot of criticism. You won’t believe who she is? (picture)

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This child is now considered one of the actresses who made a sensation in the world of acting with her participation in many television and film works, which left a strong imprint in history.

She is the Tunisian actress Hend Sabry, who was chosen by the director Enas El Deghidi, and she is one of the Egyptian directors who directed many Egyptian works. She chose her to take the lead in her movie, but that movie was one of the bold films that sparked great controversy, and that was in 2002.

But despite all the controversy raised by that film, it was a tangible turning point in Hend Sabry’s artistic and personal life.

As Hind Sabry became one of the most famous actresses in all Arab countries, and in a short time, Hend Sabry was able to etch her name with gold water and record it in history as one of the most prominent actresses in the Arab world.

It is worth noting that the artist, Hend Sabry, is preparing to travel to Abu Dhabi in the coming days to film a number of her scenes in her series “Mahab al-Rih” after completing a number of scenes in Cairo, and the series consists of 3 parts in 45 episodes, and it is scheduled to be shown on one of the digital platforms Each part contains 15 episodes.

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