This biker passes a few centimeters from a semi-trailer, the motorist following him is more afraid than him

Zapping Autonews Land Rover Defender 130 (2022): the 8-seater hybrid variant on video

It’s quite rare among motorcyclists but this one shows negligence which can cost him dearly. Indeed, our man rides without the proper equipment for a trip on two wheels. He does not wear a helmet or appropriate clothing (jacket, pants).

That’s not all. Entering the freeway, our biker played with fire. How ? By brushing against a semi-trailer which, at the time of the meeting, is logically going faster than him. A scene which does not disturb the motorcyclist but which offers a real fright to the motorist who follows him and who has posted this extract online. A heat stroke that we can also hear distinctly in the video below.

At full speed !

Moments after coming close to the accident, this biker did not take the time to recover from his emotions. No, it bombed at full speed and very quickly disappeared in the distance. Let’s at least hope that next time he puts on his helmet…

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