this actor from the Jackson trilogy is killing the Amazon series

Although the first season of Rings of Power ending October 14 on Amazon Prime, to more than mixed reviews, the series heroic fantasy keep talking about her. This time it is one of the actors from Peter Jackson’s trilogy who decided to literally shoot Jeff Bezos’ series.

A mixed record

It is an understatement to say that season 1 of the a priori ambitious series of Amazon Prime Rings of Power ended in a very controversial final. At the time of stock taking, the ratings clearly didn’t go its way, the first season clearly divided viewers between those who appreciate the writers’ freedom from the author’s books and those who disapprove of it. On the press side, the result is hardly more flattering.

The screenwriters themselves admitted it, “Some things didn’t work out well” upon delivery. JD Payne and Patrick McKay admit that they made some writing mistakes, and face a lot of criticism.

a “money pump”

In this regard, some actors from Peter Jackson’s original trilogy have spoken about this new vintage. Andy Serkis, the interpreter of Gollum in the films of the New Zealand director, was tender to qualify her “incredibly engaging.

But this is not the case for everyone. In fact, the actor Bernard Hillwho plays the role of King of Rohan, King Theoden, literally took the series apart. In an interview with the media Subwayis letting the British actor go strong by trusting that he hasn’t watched the series and that it doesn’t “didn’t interest him at all!”

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But the 77-year-old actor went further in his review as he called the series a “money making machine”:

No I’m not interested. It’s a sucker, and I’m not interested in watching or appearing on the show. Good luck to them and all that, but it’s not like the real story (…) Yeah. I think they pulled the strings when they made The Hobbit. It’s a very small book, and they did a good job, a good job. They stretched the story to the max, but I think there is a limit to everything. I think they achieved that in The Hobbit because there’s a lot of good stuff in that trilogy, without a shadow of a doubt.”

To understand: The Hobbit must have represented the final adaptation of Tolkien’s writings according to Hill. However, season 2 will therefore be awaited at the turn by fans and specialists in the world of JRR Tolkien. We know that the Rhûn regionmentioned by Tolkien in his writings will be revealed, as well as the production of the other rings of power, or even that the elf Círdan will be in the cast.



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