If you don’t like wearing wrinkled clothes, Lidl has the perfect solution for ironing your clothes on vacation. It is a compact and lightweight travel iron that you can carry in your suitcase and is suitable for all types of fabrics.

Even if you try very hard to fold the clothes well, when you put it in the suitcase it is impossible to avoid wrinkling and there are always marks in the areas of the folds. Although there are garments that do not matter that they have wrinkles, such as swimsuits or towels, there are others that we like to wear well ironed, such as shirts, blouses, dresses or pants.

The problem is that, if we want to carry light luggage, taking the iron from home is ruled out. But always you can put a travel iron in your suitcase. This type of household appliances are more compact and lighter, so they can be transported comfortably. And, although they are less effective than normal irons, they do their job well to get us out of trouble and wear more or less decent clothes.

If you are looking for a cheap travel iron, Lidl has put on sale a model of its Silvercrest brand at a very reduced price. It is now on sale on the website of the German chain for only 14.99 euros.

The Lidl travel iron has a power of 420 W. Chas three temperature levels which are regulated by the wheel located at the top. At the minimum level, you can iron silk and synthetic materials, the medium is for wool and the maximum for cotton and linen.

This portable iron has a nonstick soleplate to glide over the fabric properly. So that you can use it on your trips without difficulties, it has a voltage switch. And its cable is very long (190 cm) so you don’t have problems plugging it in.

Lidl has put up for sale in its online store a cheap ironing mannequin that dries and irons upper garments, such as shirts, blouses or T-shirts.

As always when we talk about Lidl products, especially those that are very cheap, it is advisable to buy it as soon as possible so as not to find it out of stock. If there is no longer stock or you want to take a look at other models, then we leave you Some alternatives that you can buy on Amazon at a good price: