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Türkgücü Munich specifies Würzburg as the main venue for license maintenance – an emergency solution. Managing Director Max Kothny “has no idea how this will work in practice”.

“It’s official!” This is how the Türkgücü Munich press release, which was sent on Monday at 11 a.m. at the end of the blocking period. The German Football Association (DFB) has promised the Munich club the license for the third division, managing director Max Kothny said that he was “incredibly relieved”. For months the association had tried to meet the formal requirements of the association. The main problem was the proof that a venue is fully available, so the statute wants it. Because this was not the case in Munich, Türkgücü made inquiries in Würzburg and, at very short notice, in Burghausen. “Türkgücü Munich has announced the Flyeralarm Arena in Würzburg as an unrestrictedly available venue for its home games in the 3rd league,” says the DFB statement.

Even in Burghausen, where the city owns the stadium, Türkgücü could still play, according to the SZ request from the mayor’s office: it was all in a dry cloth, a contract was ready for signature. Apparently, the DFB chose Würzburg for the press release only because they strictly followed the order of the stadiums that were specified – and simply omitted one.

The team, said the DFB, wanted and could also play the home games in the Munich Olympic Stadium and in the stadium on Grünwalder Strasse. How often Türkgücü will ultimately play in the Olympic Stadium depends on many factors. Kothny also says he still has “no idea how the whole thing will work in practice”. On the one hand, requirements still have to be met in the Olympic Stadium. Among other things, it is about sufficient floodlights because the existing, listed floodlight systems no longer meet the requirements for TV broadcasts. In addition, there is no lawn heating, so the playing field could often not be playable in winter. And it is still unclear whether and how an open-air season will affect Türkgücüs’ schedule.

Nobody makes a secret of the fact that the official main stadium in Würzburg is only a temporary solution. The Würzburg Kickers say that the arena is only needed “in an emergency” anyway. In addition, the stadium in Lower Franconia may only be suitable as an alternative venue for one year: the Kickers have received special permission for the highly probable case of promotion to the second division – but they would have to convert the stadium a year later.

Over the past few months, the DFB has repeatedly stated that one does not want improvised solutions: two stadiums for a club are difficult to accept, three stadiums not at all. However, because this is not explicitly stated in the statute, Frankfurt has now allowed itself to be softened, offered a very pragmatic solution and only insisted on being given a main venue. “That is why we are now all the happier that it works,” said Kothny.

Now that the association has been very accommodating to the newcomer, the last taboo could be broken: that three teams can play in one stadium. Türkgücü would like to play twelve games in the Grünwald stadium, where TSV 1860 and Bayern II are based. In any case, the city has contractually guaranteed them a dozen games. In any case, before the third league season starts in September, the DFB’s planners will have a lot of work to do with the fixtures.



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