Third most expensive divorce in the world? Google founder Sergey Brin and his wife are separating

After four years, Sergey Brin’s marriage has come to an end again. Now it is being negotiated what that means for the Google founder’s fortune. But their daughter is also an issue.

We don’t want this divorce to become a public mud fight. Sergey Brin, co-founder of the multi-billion company Google, has taken precautions. The 48-year-old apparently knows very well that a million-dollar case is pending and has hired a private judge for this purpose. That’s right: Brin wants privacy and digs deep into his pocket for it. As reported by the US magazine “Bloomberg”, among others, the entrepreneur pays the judge the equivalent of 905 euros per hour.

“Any questions regarding the parties’ proprietary rights or obligations will be decided by confidential, binding arbitration pursuant to a written agreement between the parties,” a statement said, including by People according to court documents.

Nicole Shanahan married Brin in 2018

This is another reason why little is known about the divorce. The respective lawyers of the two parties: silent as graves. So far, neither has commented on the case in a statement. The separation is said to have taken place last December. It’s only now that she’s making the headlines.

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