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The Mexican actor, who during the pandemic took on the great challenge of joining Sex in its virtual version and then continued in the face-to-face re-opening at the Gorriti Art Center, he was a guest at It’s not too late and in dialogue with German Paoloski He ended up recounting a strange experience as a child that marked him forever.

After a fun back and forth between the Telefe driver and the former Rebel WayIt was Felipe Colombo who acknowledged having gone through a paranormal experience and was encouraged to report live that feeling that there were ghosts in his house.

“There were stories, it was a very busy house with a lot of noise. With a huge stained-glass window in the patio, but I remember that whole stage when I lived there. I was going to sleep in a very large room that he had. I would go to sleep and a person would come and sit in the chair next to me”, the actor began.

And Feli continued: “He sat down and accompanied me, but he never scared me. She always gave me a kind of peace of mind. She was there taking care of me. I remember seeing her half asleep, when she was about four years old. He saw her and felt her warmly ”.

As for that fearful part of his childhood, Colombo explained: “In Mexico there is a legend that says that in old houses of the revolution when there are ghosts it is because there is money buried. My mother made holes all over the garden and she said that she was looking for the keys to a fountain because she remembered that she was throwing water”.

“I went to sleep and a person sat in the next chair. He accompanied me. There is a legend in Mexico about that,” said the actor.

“Sorry, mother, I sent you to the front! But it was a lie, she was looking for gold.” Felipe closed this gloomy story that refers to his childhood, when he still lived in his homeland. And it was on this feeling of living with strange presences that the gallant also attributes the disappearance of his sister’s toys, who accused him of hiding them. Spooky!

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