Things we still don't understand about modern bathrooms

Things we still don't understand about modern bathrooms

Mistakes in modern bathrooms that experts always see

They have gone from being ‘the ugly duckling’ to ‘temples of care’; from being cold and impersonal to being clothed with colors, textures and even author designs. Bathrooms have reclaimed their importance in the world of interior design, which we love, but there are still things that we don’t explain ourselves about them. Or, rather, that professionals do not understand, nor would they ever want to understand. Are…

fully open bathrooms

We were shocked, a few years ago, by the fact that some hotels began to use bathrooms open to the room, but, for some time now, it has become ‘normal’ to have bedrooms overlooking this humid room. “We do not share that the bathrooms are completely open; there are areas that we believe should always be closedlike the one in the toilet”, Las Perelli reply to this.

The home of the artist Giovanna La Falce, in Milan, is a custom-made house where iron, steel and concrete shine, raw materials that create a surprising house. More photos here.

©Valentina Sommariva, style Barbara Vergnano

Hydromassage showers (and other delusions)

They sound like a symbol of comfort, but are they really useful? “We don’t understand the multi-jet showerswhich in addition, normally, are only used the first times”, they affirm from Siegfried Serra Study. We do not know if this last extreme occurs because they stop working too soon or because, in a world where rush -and drought- rule, we rarely find time to spa in the shower.

The best thing to avoid falling into these inconsistencies? “We believe that it is important to understand the daily routine of the person using the bathroom so that the pieces adapt to it. For example, why put a bidet if you don’t use it? You also have to decide if you bathe, to put a bathtub or not ”, say, for their part, Las Perelli. In this sense, they do not understand those bathrooms that They do not have countertops or storage, because they consider that they are not adapted to the needs of the inhabitants of the house.

16 square meters are enough to accommodate a bed, a desk, a shower, a toilet and even a small kitchen. This study from Paris shows it. More photos here.

© BCDF Studio

No to low-quality materials that imitate others

“In bathrooms, it is already very common to see all the walls and floors covered with porcelain tiles that imitate marble. Many times we even find two or three types of imitation marble in a single space”, begins Noé Pradés (AD 100 2021). “This point has two problems: the first, that when you are near it is very noticeable that it is not marble, but one copy, and the other is that they are usually large-format pieces placed in small spaces. This creates an inconsistency in the ratio between one and the other ”, he details. “If the space is small, let’s use small parts to harmonize everything.

In this section, the observations of Sigfrido Serra Studio fit, which also does not admit copies: “The plastic flower arrangements They are another classic that we do not understand ”, he says.

For their part, Las Perelli are completely against using materials that are not practical and that they spoil quickly with water, no matter how fashionable they may be.

Kate Young’s bathroom, the stylist to the stars. More photos here.

echoes of the past

“He apply above the mirror is a classic that we do not understand; is better look for options for recessed or integrated lighting in the mirrors ”, recommend from Sigfrido Serra Studio. “And what do you have to say? non-slip of the bathtubs, and the shower curtains… They make us travel in time. But, without a doubt, what we understand least are those toilet seats with drawings or photographs; really, they are a horror”, declares the designer.

Another misunderstood ‘classic’ that should be discarded, according to Las Perelli, are lack of ventilation and inadequate lighting. And, as Pradés pointed out, in order not to make mistakes, let’s not lose sight of the dimensions of the room: “If the bathroom is small, it is advisable to choose a light color to give it light, or a continuous floor to provide spaciousness”.

All to the white

There is life beyond white”, start from number 26. And his criticism is related to what we stated some time ago about: “No, painting white does not make you an interior designer”.

“We find great projects where the suppression of form is worked through the elimination of color, thus enhancing architecture, we love the sensation of a well-resolved project with this classic. However, its application is not always correct, even if it seems simplebecause it provides, on many occasions, an excess of coldness ”, they consider from the study.

To get the most out of a reduced volume, Flack Studio opted for a clear color concept. The best of all? That we are talking about powdery tones with geometric details, in order to highlight the space and, at the same time, visually expand it. A subtle bathroom, but one that you cannot stop looking at.

© Anson Smart

In general, with a total look of this color applied by a layman in interior design are achieved “spaces that transmit a world that is much more commercial than personal, with basic finishes with little dedication”, in the opinion of the firm. “The work of color is complex and requires training, but also, as in everything, good intuition. We claim openness to color without prejudice: It is a rich and very interesting world. With each choice, a multitude of nuances open up, and with each combination, we bring depth, dynamism, balance and identity to our spaces”, they culminate.

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