Margaret Qualley stars in the popular Netflix series ‘Things to Clean’, the story of a young woman seeking to get out of a toxic relationship. This reminds us of the time that something similar happened to Shia LaBeouf.

Things to clean maintains its passage as one of the most watched Netflix titles in Mexico. This series starring Margaret Qualley tells the story of a young man who seeks to get out of a toxic relationship. This reminds us of the time that something similar happened to Shia LaBeouf.

This pair met while filming the music video “Love Me Like You Hate Me” for Rainey, the sister of Margaret, in October 2020. The clip showed them as a young couple who shared some intimate moments with little clothing and, apparently, this evolved into a romantic relationship outside of fiction.

Margaret Qualley y Shia LaBeouf en el video musical “Love Me Like You Hate Me”.

On December 19 they were portrayed by a paparazzi while the actor of Transformers I was picking up Qualley at the Los Angeles city airport. In that photo gallery, the two actors kiss as if they had been dating for a long time, of course, these images went through social networks and almost confirmed their relationship.

However, by then LaBeouf’s ex-girlfriend, the singer Tahliah Debrett Barnet, better known as FKA Twings, had filed a lawsuit against the actor in the Los Angeles Superior Court for subjecting her to “relentless abuse” that included sexual assaults, emotional impositions, and the purposive spread of a sexual infection.

Shortly after, the separation between Margaret Qualley and Shia LaBeouf, although they did not reveal what the motives were, the gravity of the allegations by FKA Twings began to resonate and could be reason enough. According to a close source, he mentioned People that both of them “ethey are in different places in their lives “and that Margaret was” ready to go back to work. “

‘Things to clean’: Margaret Qualley and the anecdote of when she met Brad Pitt

On February 20 of this year, FKA Twings was the cover of the magazine She from the United States, in which “the singer tells her brave story.” This publication was shared on the Instagram account by Margaret Qualley herself, she even wrote “Thank you” next to the image.

Although Margaret has so far not declared any abuse by LaBeouf, it broke her heart to learn what he was able to do to his ex-girlfriend, prompting Qualley to leave him. Now Margaret is one of the actresses of the moment, who is currently filming the tape The Stars at Noon from Claire Denis, where you will share credits with Taron Egerton in a story set in Nicaragua in 1984, where a mysterious English businessman and a headstrong American journalist strike up an affair as they find themselves involved in a dangerous maze of lies and conspiracies that forces them to try to escape the country.

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