After the failure registered this weekend in BBVA Mexico platforms and services, the bank ruled out that it was a hack or external issue and assured that it was due to an internal error when updating its systems, which is resolved and is operating normally.

According to the communication director of the financial institution, Jorge Terrazas, There is no type of affectation in the data or information that they keep of their clients, from individuals and legal entities.

“What happened yesterday was a matter that I would classify as an internal error, ours, they have absolutely nothing to do with any exogenous, external factor, at some point yesterday someone suggested to us some kind of anomaly that came from outside, nothing to do with it ”, he assured.

In this sense, the BBVA executive specified that at dawn on Saturday to dawn on Sunday, the bank began to make a series of planned adjustments to the computer systems, between approximately 1 and 3 in the morning.

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The objective was to reinforce the bank’s technological services and digital applications in view of the high transactionality that occurs at the end of every year.

Nevertheless, a problem was generated in the execution of these updates to the software.

To fix it, the financial institution had to revert all changes made and leave systems as they were Saturday.

He also explained that in addition to the internal staff of BBVA Mexico, there was also the collaboration of technicians in other countries to fix the failure and an investigation is continuing to determine all the causes that caused the error in the system update.

“We are very sorry for what happened yesterday. We are truly sorry and committed to the clients to whom we have caused an affectation by the transactions that they have not been able to carry out, we really regret it and we do say that we take it very seriously and we will continue to do whatever is necessary to understand what it went to the smallest level of detail and to be able to achieve definitive solutions that allow us to be able to say that this does not happen again ”, he said.

Terrazas commented that at this moment they do not have any type of transaction pending execution nor is there a business that has not received payment for the credit card transactions made yesterday Sunday

In fact, he assured, the central systems are reflecting a regular behavior, the services are being reported as stable, the branches are operating on a regular basis, as well as the ATMs.

The applications, the operational interconnection of private and business banking work correctly, as well as the SPEI, since they do not have any pending operation.

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