They were also given: “From the fourth hard kick everything changes”

They were also given: “From the fourth hard kick everything changes”


In my first game in Spain, the first ball I touched, they blew me up”. Svio Bortolini his debut in LaLiga. It was clear to the Brazilian star from very early on where the shots were going to go. Jorge Otero He hit “a big hit” on that first divided ball.

“Roberto Carlos was around and he told me ‘welcome to the Spanish league'”, recalls in BRAND funny the electric ex-soccer player, who in his campaigns with Madrid, Zaragoza, Real Sociedad or Levante was always in the top of the most ‘stirred up’ soccer players both in his team and in the championship.

sport Svio, receiving the entrance of Otero

Svio, receiving the entrance of Otero

That’s why, Bortolini understands very well what his compatriot is experiencing now Vinicius. Footballer, by the way, who copied his roadmap when he left Flamengo very soon to sign for the Chamartn club. “Football has changed a lot since I was there, but the essential thing is that Vini is a footballer who faces and dribbles a lot. He can’t lose that. He has a strong mentality, works hard and always responds on the pitch. He can’t let himself be be carried away by the rest of the things that are happening. He has to keep trying to continue, haggling, marking and even dancing”, confirms someone who knows very well what it is to feel singled out.

And that, luckily, Vinicius He does not suffer the injuries that he suffered: “I played my game and I never changed it, but it is true that they kick me and sometimes I get injured.” To avoid it, they even made special shin guards for him.

This is how Svio Bortolini played, a dagger for the Bernabu band

They suggested that I create new ones made from carbon fiber, which happens to be very large and they occupied me almost from the foot to the knee. I liked to go light and that’s why I took them off after 10 minutes of the game. Because of my style of play, I needed to feel comfortable, so I wore shorter ones and asked God to protect me.”

In my first game in Spain, the first ball I touched, I was blown up.

Svio Bortolini at MARCA

Sport looking at it positively

For Xabi Prieto, in the Top 10 players who received the most fouls in 2012-2013, the fact of sometimes being the center of all the kicks must be seen with positivity. “So that it does not affect you, you must assume it naturally. They are game sets and that is why you have to turn it into something positive for your team. Perhaps with them you cause a free kick or penalty that is good for the interests of your team or an opportunity to score. As long as it is not malicious, the foul must be valued positively,” says the former Real Madrid player, who in turn acknowledges that it is not always easy to live with it.

As long as it is not malicious, the offense must be valued positively

Xabi Prieto in MARCA

“Sometimes a foul can make you feel bad, but they are football things. Now you take more care, but not only the cracks. You are more on top of it. The other day I saw a video of Maradona in Atocha against Real and it was amazing what they gave him. Seeing what they did to Diego now is something impossible because he whistles a lot more and he’s on top of it.“, dice.

A normal match for Maradona at Barcelona

And he adds: “I didn’t have Vini’s speed and dribbling, but each one exploits their characteristics. And it is clear that, due to how he plays, he is fouled more because he exploits his characteristics more. But it is something that, when the game ends, everything must end. You have to shake hands with your rival and that’s it because this is sport,” he argues.

As the mster exposes Miguel Angel Portugalstars like Vini must take advantage of their talent without fear: “Football is quality, it is technique. What you have to do is know how to value, applaud the players who have those technical gestures. The referee must protect and apply the regulations. For a player to display his quality is not to despise anyone, he does it for the benefit of his team and football. The Neymar, Vini, etc., who do spectacular actions, can annoy the rival, especially if they are losing, but I don’t see it as a bad thing. What the player wants is to play well and show his quality.”

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In the same season as Prieto, Roberto Trashorras He was the second most ‘punished’ player in the championship with 92 fouls received. “I didn’t remember the data. But I understand that it could be true because we played a lot with the ball and I, due to my position, was in contact with it a lot”, advances the Galician, who acknowledges that “everything depends on the level of the fouls but sometimes it’s hard to manage, especially if they’re hard or they’re cutting your game all the time”. And he gives an example: “In a match against Mallorca he already had eleven fouls received before reaching the break. It was crazy. Luckily, afterwards I calmed down on the field and I knew how to manage it better. When you see that they are sewing you… it is difficult to carry it. Luckily I never changed my style of play“.

Among his thousand and one battles, he especially remembers the ones he fought with the ex-rojiblanco Gabi: “We had them stiff, but he really was very smart playing and he didn’t make them really rough. He did them well to avoid as many cards as possible. Tactically he was very good and knew when to make them“. The business of stoking also has an art, as he recalls Patxi Pual: “In a match against Madrid they sent Figo off for a tackle he made on me. Figo loved me! But sometimes the big stars, due to lack of habit, aren’t used to making fouls”.

With Gabi we had them stiff, but he really was very intelligent at playing and he didn’t make them really rough.

Trashorras en MARCA

Another who was used to receiving them is pablo hernndez, the second most hit in the championship in 2015-16. “I didn’t know the data, but I understand that it was because of my style of play. Being an extreme, you often try one on one and, to stop yourself, sometimes there is no other option than a free kick. From the fourth kick you get a little unhinged. There are games in which you get angry because they hurt you or they are cutting off your dangerous actions all the time, but there is no other option than to get used to it and be focused to try to give the greatest benefit to your team”. For him, examples of great defenders to those who faced were “people like Ramos, Puyol, Arbeloa… they were rocky and strong because they went to the limit of their strength but they competed nobly”.

People like Ramos, Puyol, Arbeloa… they were rocky and strong because they went to the limit of their strength but they competed with nobility

Pablo Hernndez in MARCA

Sport The mission of peace falls on the referees

Both for Pablo and for the rest of those consulted, everything depends on the attitude of the referees, who are in charge of directing the game. “I don’t know if the referees are there to protect the players or, on the contrary, to punish the offenders. It is clear that the referees also study the teams: they prepare the matches, they see which footballers can be more violent, they analyze the ones that exaggerate the falls the most…, and this can play a trick on them. For example, if a player normally exaggerates his falls, if a player receives a possible ejection play, those biases can lead us to error, as was the case. But, with the VAR, it is not possible to allow that this type of entries are not punished or not judged correctly”, he explains. pavel fernandezarbitration expert of Radio BRAND.

“He is a fish that bites its tail because there are referees who doubt those who are always on the ground. For example, with Vinicius there will be more doubts than with Kroos if he is on the ground. If Kroos or Modric fall to the ground and writhe in pain, they will never have any doubts because you never see them complain or writhe in pain. Something similar happens with Morata. When Álvaro is given a penalty, sometimes he doubts. I am not saying that the referee is prejudiced, but I know that they have more doubts with footballers such as Morata, Vini or Suárez, to give a few examples. That there are a thousand Because, as I say, they tend to doubt because they prepare a lot for the matches”, adds the braid.

In a similar vein is shown his colleague Alfonso Prrez Burrull. “Dribbling is the most beautiful part of football and that is why the regulations years ago introduced the concept of ‘promising attack’ with which they tried to protect the attacks so that the game was more spectacular, which is what we all want in the end. You don’t want to destroy offensive football, but I think that in this case, it is not so much whether the innings are strong but rather whether there is a bias towards a particular player or teams“.

The players must delegate to the referees. That is to say: there are some who gesticulate excessively and have that tendency or predisposition to fuss

Prez Burrull in MARCA

With all this issue, which is now back due to the fouls received by players like Vini or Fekir in our championship, Prez Burrull remember that “protecting crack is misunderstood because it doesn’t matter if it is or not. It must be done to everyone equally.” And he adds the difficulties encountered, as he explained Pavel: “The players must delegate to the referees. That is to say: there are some who gesticulate excessively and have that tendency or predisposition to fuss. If you are fouled, you cannot face the rival because it is another irregularity. It is human to complain if they give you on the ankle, but another card can come from there for you. Now with VAR everything changes a bit, but sometimes I think the referees need to whistle with a little more perspective. Sometimes everything looks better at 5 meters than 15 but the field environment also influences”.

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I already said it Iturralde Gonzlez last year in this newspaper. Not all the players make it easy on the field: “Ronaldinho didn’t throw the whole stadium at you, Vini throws himself and doesn’t help…”.

Ancelotti: “Vinicius has spectacular genetics, I thank his parents”

Sport The head also plays

For the ex-madrista or ex-rayista (among others) alberto buenoin the top of punished in 2014-2015, the key happens because “the arbitration situation is above the brawls. It never helps to get into fights. Luckily, now the entries from before are no longer seen because they are penalized with red. But, although football is cleaner, it is still a contact sport where one continues to look for the advantage and the actions that allow you to get things out. The only thing that really unsettles are the disproportionate fouls that are going to damage”.

Luckily, now you can’t see the entries from before because they are penalized with red

Alberto Bueno in MARCA

Some of them received David Barral, who also appears in this curious ranking of the same season. “With the VAR, the essence of the guy who hits sticks has been lost because he is more watched. I see forceful people as necessary, but always within a context where nobody gets out of the pot as is happening now with Vini. This was normal in my time , where there were a lot of fouls, but we didn’t give importance to someone who scrambled like he did”, says someone who suffered this type of situation with players like “Iaki Bea, who later became my coach, or Flix Ramos”. For him, “the Vini thing can be solved with the fact that people focus on football and that’s it. The important thing is the ball and not what the footballer does. What happens to those of us years ago is that We say that, with the VAR, we would have played differently”.

What happens to those of us years ago is that we say that, with the VAR, we would have played differently

David Barral in MARCA

What the Brazilian is experiencing, at least in terms of the intensity of entries received, he experienced Diego Capell: “In my case I knew that I was a player of the I was looking for, like him, one on one and I knew that the risk of falling was part of my playing style. It was part of the game to know what you were going to receive. Sometimes you are hotter than usual, but you try to escape to focus on the game. I didn’t change and Vini won’t because it’s losing your personality. I think he’s a great player who has to keep dribbling the same way”.

I didn’t change and Vini won’t because it means losing your personality.

Diego Capel in BRAND

Although his situation, unfortunately, according to Trashorras “is getting out of hand because he is being wronged a lot. He has some attitude that I think he should change, but I am not focusing on him but on all parties. If they make a tough entrance on him , you must take out a card. But you also have to save some gestures”. A matter of respect, of football and, especially, the task of the referees.

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Sport “In all times there were reactions towards players like Juanito before”

The vision of Miguel Ángel Portugal

Portugal He has seen many cases in the world of football and even at Real Madrid: “Ancelotti is very clever and has said what he had to say. Vini has a special character, as for example before they used to take it with Juanito. They are ‘hot’ in character and that’s always been the case. I see him in matches sometimes asking him to calm down. It’s very difficult to manage because each one is each one. The Brazilian is in great form and there are great figures who know how to absorb that personality, but he, due to his youth or his way of being, expresses how he is. That one be as he is, but with age he will repress himself. It may bother others, but they should not bother because he is exceptional. It annoys you that They can make a fool of you, but that’s the way the show is.”

No footballer wants to live in the eye of the hurricane or be the protagonist for something that has nothing to do with their performance.

Lorena Cos, sports psychologist

Sport A matter to discuss with professionals

According to the opinion of sports psychologist Lorena Cos

“No footballer wants to live in the eye of the hurricane, or be the protagonist for something that has nothing to do with their performance on the field. It is inevitable that this ends up affecting when you are in the news every week, no matter how much work is done, what there is to try is to affect as little as possible”, explains in MARCA the sports psychologist Lorraine Cos.

For her, “the psychological pressure that Vinicius is facing in each game can reduce him, to the point that his continuity can be reconsidered in the not too distant future, due to the discomfort that facing each game for a long time will cause him. that they try to hide it. In these cases, to stay strong in the face of offenses, self-control must be worked with special attention, because when they end up losing their ways, they lose all the reason they have about what happened.”

Another important aspect “is anticipatory anxiety, if you already prepare before it arrives to repeat unpleasant scenarios, you are inadvertently increasing the activation with which you are going to compete, leaving you more vulnerable to a disproportionate reaction after provocation. When something like that It does not depend on you, as is the behavior of others, it appears, it is easy to get frustrated, so if you do not have enough skills to manage it, it is important to work on the psychological part with a professional to strengthen yourself”.

The breeding ground is not being the best: “The environment that is being generated does not favor anyone; starting with Vinicius and ending with the public or the press, who, more than watching a football game, see a heart program. The focus it completely deviates from what really matters, the sport itself and the competition. The commitment of how we can transform these contexts belongs to everyone. Today Vinicius is the focus, tomorrow it will be another, but all this… why does it happen? “.



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