Pictures from the wedding of Daria, the sister of the Turkish star, Demet Ozdemir, spread, and it was clear that they had a great similarity, which was noticed by many followers. However, what is remarkable is the mockery of the groom’s appearance because of his obesity, as he received a lot of criticism.
And Demet recently appeared in a purple suit to her followers, in a photo that she posted on her personal page on the social networking site, and drew attention with her classic look in the suit, as she appeared spontaneously sitting on a sofa, and left her hair hanging on her shoulders with a curly hairstyle, and her look was admired by a large number of her followers. Especially since she used a soft, natural-looking makeup.

Demet Ozdemir and her lover Mahh

The news spread through social networking sites caused a sensation, especially as it related to the separation of Turkish actress Demet Ozdemir from her lover, artist Ozhan Koç.
In her first response, Demet ridiculed the rumors circulating, and posted on her personal page on the social networking site, a picture with her lover, and attached it to a comment in which she wrote: “Why do we not know about the matter?”
It is worth noting that many news have been reported recently that Ozdemir joined the series “Apartment of the Innocent”, but Demet indirectly denied this, telling Turkish media: “There is no project that I have agreed on, I plan to read and make a more correct evaluation when our film is finished, I wanted If I pass it on to those who love me and ask me, you will surely hear from me, I love you.”
And Demet Ozdemir recently ended her dispute with her father, after his habit was due to his divorce from her mother, which occurred as a result of her older sister’s work in advertising and his refusal to do so, which prompted Demet to live with her mother.

Demet Ozdemir and her boyfriend in intimate situations

Demet and her lover, Ozan Kowa, caused a stir on social media, after pictures of them spread in intimate poses.
Her name was trending in Turkey, and she appeared in pictures exchanging love with her lover, and videos of her exchanging kisses and hugs with him spread, while the number of posts within the tag bearing her name on the social networking site, reached more than 1.7 million publications.
Followers’ opinions differed between a critic of the press that invaded Demet’s privacy, and those who saw that she was the one who opened her privacy to the lenses of the press, exchanging kisses and hugs with her lover in front of people, and did not keep her love affairs away from the cameras’ lenses.


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