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John Francis Palencia

Even with the crisis that Guadalajara has experienced in this tournament, it is still attractive to take on the team, since the challenge of waking up the giant is appetizing for more than one coach and names are beginning to be around the Verde Valle offices.

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During Hiram Mier’s press conference, Juan Francisco Palencia appeared connected, who weeks ago sounded like a possibility to become coach of the Flock, since it is an economic option and he was Peláez’s partner in El Tri.

Although hours later it was said that his presence was due to the fact that he works for Fox Deportes and listened to the defender’s words, however, there would be something behind it and not just that work as a commentator.

Why did Palencia appear?

For the next tournament there will be several vacancies on the Liga MX benches, Chivas and Cruz Azul do not have a coach made official, Eduardo Fentanes would not be sure in Santos, in Puebla there could be an opportunity if Nicolás Larcamón leaves, with what Palencia did put in the mouth of the media and as a candidate to take a team.

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