They travel by boat to treat patients

For Mrs. Graciela, a heart attack due to hypertension generated a Cerebral Vascular Disease (EVC) that left various damages to his mobility. Her daughter Florencia told EL UNIVERSAL that for five years doctors have been coming to her home, located in the chinampera area of ​​Xochimilco, to attend not only to her mother, but to her father as well, well, suffers from hypertension.

“My dad is hypertensive and diabetic and right now he has a little problem with his heart, he is stable; my mom with him EVC that gave her, left her with a lot of damage, but there is my mother, she has been with this problem for seven years, but there it remained stable. She had a heart attack and it affected her entire brain, it killed everything, that is, she no longer spoke, she lost all her senses, ”she recounted.

Florencia said that they cannot go to a health center because moving their mother is complicated, particularly if they live surrounded by the canals of the lake area of Xochimilco, Therefore, they see it as a great benefit for doctors to come to their homes and have a clinical history of their relatives.

Although, in case of an emergency that requires a transfer, she would have to consider the time, since this would take 30 minutes, and she would necessarily have to take a canoe.

Or in a boat, as the general medical brigades of the Health Secretary from Mexico City, who are part of the Salud en tu Casa program, who board a motorized boat, carry their work equipment and navigate through the Cuemanco canals, to the homes of people with health complications.

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Specialists raffle canoes and chinampas

The life of Mrs. Alicia Benítez, 51, took a 180-degree turn since her husband had a heart attack that also caused a Cerebral Vascular Disease. From that moment things got complicated, because he had to stop working to be aware of his partner’s health.

Moving it was one of the problems, since the chinampera area slows down mobility to health centers.

Until one day she had contact with the medical care brigades, who have helped her husband to regain mobility.

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Now he walks, enters the bathroom on his own and even helps with the household chores. For doctors, the mood has also improved.

In this area of ​​Mexico City, doctors take just over 20 minutes to travel, as they have to navigate several sections, dodge canoes and chinampas, until they arrive at the homes of their patients.

Jesus Rivas Alcantara responsible for this program in the Xochimilco mayor’s office, explained that when people see the brigades they come to receive support.

Then, the health promoters make home visits to see who could be primary care patients who do not have adequate medical control and who, due to their vulnerable conditions, require this constant support.

“Chronic-degenerative diseases in general, diabetes, arterial hypertension, especially the sequelae, heart attack or a cerebral vascular accident… those are patients we admit [al programa]”, he explained.

The brigades are made up of a general practitioner, a nurse, a health promoter and transportation personnel. Other brigades are made up of psychologists, nutritionists, physiotherapists and social workers.

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Until now, Health in your house has made 403 thousand 315 attentions throughout the City.

This publishing house accompanied doctors and specialists on a day of medical visits.

There was Mrs. Graciela, 88 years old, resting, serious, without a gesture, with her gaze fixed on specific points.

One of the doctors approaches him with a light that he dodges by tilting his neck a little. There is laughter among doctors who, depending on the patient and his health status, review and maintain clinical stability and even give a little encouragement for his improvement not only in health, but also emotionally.

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