They took away his visa at immigration in the United States and a policeman made him a controversial proposal: “I don’t know what to do”

Holidays, no matter how well planned, do not always turn out as expected. Yanin Cabrera experienced this situation after had his US visa taken away at the immigration department when he planned to travel to Las Vegas for his birthday. This young Mexican shared her story through TikTok, on her @yanincabrera account, where she went viral not only because of her terrible event with her US visa, but also because an unexpected episode that he experienced with one of the airport officials.

It all started when Yanin planned a trip with his cousin to the “city that never sleeps”. Upon arrival in the United States, they detained her, like everyone else, at the immigration station to ask her the required questions, but in the middle of the interrogation, the uniformed officers discovered that on past trips she had worked without permission in North American territory.

The tiktoker recounted her experience in immigration from the United States

And it’s that long ago, when Yanin traveled to visit some relatives, “it became easy” for him to take a two-month job. It wasn’t planned, but he saw an opportunity and decided to go for it. This was illegal, since her visa did not allow her to work. For these reasons, the immigration officials admitted her to the “little room”, as they say to the place where they take some foreigners to delve into certain questions.

already on that site, they checked his cell phone to corroborate their suspicions and found what they were looking for. However, before that, they noticed endless photos without clothes that Yanin had on his cell phone and they began to strike up a conversation with her with a different tone, according to the story of this tiktoker.

The second part of the tiktoker story with US immigration officials

She knew that her visa would be taken away after her offense was discovered, but She asked the officer to please let her travel that weekend with her cousin because it was her birthday. He also promised that, when the time was up, he would return to the airport to return to his hometown: Guadalajara, Jalisco, in Mexico.

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At that moment, something unprecedented happened: the immigration officer let her enter the United States for that weekend only, with the warning that once he returned the document would be confiscated. In addition, instead of taking away her visa for five years as they usually do with the rest of the people who incur some fault, the woman convinced the authorities to withdraw it only for those days, so that when he returned to Mexico he could process it again.

Yanin returned home happy after enjoying his trip because he could process the visa as soon as possible. He thought he would never see the officer again that fulfilled the “miracle”, when at that moment a message came to one of his social networks and it was him.

The questionable attitude of the immigration police

According to what the tiktoker told in several of her videos, The man contacted her with an objective for nothing work. He asked her to meet in Puerto Vallarta, a beach in Mexico near Guadalajara, and spend a weekend together. At first, she was surprised and agreed to the invitation, but later found out her true intentions.

She, surprised, published everything that happened on her social network, so it went viral and received hundreds of comments, including, those of several girls to whom the police had also sent a message after removing their visa. The most unexpected thing is that the immigration officer not only planned to meet with Yanin in Puerto Vallarta, but also had summoned at least three other young women.

How the story of the tiktoker ended with the immigration officer

Although the anecdote was left unfinished, since the last thing that was known about the subject was that Yanin would meet the agent, this young woman went viral by showing the questionable attitude of the migration officer.

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