They stole five lambs and now they warn that their consumption “can cause serious health problems”

Five lambs that were in a reserve of the National Institute of Agricultural Technology (INTA) in Balcarce They were stolen from the place and the agency issued a warning that their consumption “can cause serious health problems.” In that establishment there are 897 animals.

The entity’s alert is due to the fact that these animals were part of a trial of resistance of parasites to antiparasitics where products approved for animals were being tested, which, however, have a long waiting time before any slaughter.

“ALERT! They stole lambs from the INTA Balcarce facilities. These animals are part of an experimental trial so they are not suitable for consumption. Its ingestion can cause serious health problems. INTA Balcarce pointed out.

As this medium learned, in the studies that were being carried out with animals, drugs were used with their combinations. “They are approved for animals and have a waiting time before going to work,” they indicated.

After the first tweet, INTA Balcarce later spread another message: “Clarification on the trials with lambs. The animals had received treatment for diseases typical of the species with approved drugs, for this reason a long grace period is necessary to avoid human consumption of drug residues in meat”.

Recently, the Commune of Comandante Andresito, in Misiones, recommended to the local population “not to consume meat products of unknown origin.” He did it after the theft of a calf that, he indicated, was medicated.

“Society is informed that on June 4, 2022, a cattle herding occurred in La Selva, which was sick and medicated. Society is advised not to consume meat products of unknown origin and thus prevent possible food poisoning. That they can cause a lot of damage to the community,” the municipality indicated at the time.

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At that time, Víctor Chamula, president of the Andresito Livestock Association (AGA), had warned in dialogue with Channel 2 of Andresito: “Today the lives of human beings are at risk.” He added: “The problem is that today there are around 100 kilos of meat that is not known in which butcher shop, market or freezer they are. Because of the rustlers, our population consumes meat without any kind of control.”

The Andresito Livestock Association was warned at that time about the case of a calf possibly infected with rabies, so it was separated from the cattle and isolated in a corral with medical treatment. But then the robbery happened.



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