They started dating online and made an appointment. did not recognize each other

UA ridiculous situation happened at the airport in Guadalajara, Mexico.

A young woman was getting ready to meet her virtual boyfriend for the first time and decided to prepare the moment with special care, performing on site with balloons.

The young woman remained next to the balloons, anxious for the arrival of her boyfriend, of French nationality. However, not everything went well and everything was recorded on video.

“When you go with balloons to the airport, and your virtual love passes in front of you and doesn’t even see you”, wrote a user of TikTok.

According to her own account, the man did not see the young woman and she also did not recognize him due to the mandatory use of a mask.

The two eventually managed to reunite, with the help of others, reports La Vanguardia.

“We were so nervous that we didn’t see each other, people started to applaud and I was very emotional. It was the perfect moment… that’s how our love story begins. 50 hours of travel that ended with a kiss”, she shares.

Watch the moment in the video above.

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